Is Anavar Safe?

Is Anavar Safe?


CrazyBulk_ANVAROLAnavar is an anabolic steroid. There is no steroid that is “safe”, all anabolic steroids are dangerous and in fact, can adversely affect your health, take some years off your life or even ALL years off your life as they can, indeed, kill you. Click here to buy legal Anavar online, without a prescription.

Anavar is available in most countries only by prescription and requires strict medical dosage observation and medical monitoring.

It was developed by Pfizer in the early 60’s specifically for the use of burn victims (particularly children and women). Its primary use is for regrowing new skin and muscle mass after suffering severe burns.

Currently it is also widely used in the medical community as an AIDS medication as well. Anavar is an illegal steroid if used for body building or other sports.

Anavar Side Effects

Reported side effects include detrimental effects to your cholesterol levels, liver damage (caused by the 17AA compound found in the drug), kidney damage, frequent or uncontrollable bladder release, acne (primarily in men), turning into estrogen in the body in men and for women, lack of libido. Click here to buy legal Anavar online, without a prescription.

Further adverse side effects of the liver, are likely to occur is the person taking the drug consumes alcoholic beverages regularly (2 or more drinks a day for an extended period of time).

Anvarol (Anavar) Before and After


Anvarol: Safe and Legal Alternative to Anavar From Crazybulk

There is now a LEGAL and SAFE alternative to the steroid Anavar. It is called ANVAROL and is available for purchase WITHOUT a prescription at

It’s designed to accomplish the identical goals of the illegal Anavar steroid and works on loosing both Subcutaneous and Visceral Fat while retaining lean, hard and dense muscles.

It works within your muscle tissue and is provides excellent cutting results. It builds stamina for your workouts as well as longevity and doesn’t retain water causing bloat.

It’s in pill form eliminating injections and you will see results in as little as 30 days using its recommended dosage which is: 3 pills along with water about 1 quarter hour after you workout, for a minimum of 2 months while working out consecutively.