Intelleral Reviews: Claims, Ingredients, Free Trial, Side Effects, Where to Buy?

Intelleral Reviews: Claims, Ingredients, Free Trial, Side Effects, Where to Buy?

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Supplements don’t always clearly label their products, or they may give false information. The supplement, Intelleral, claims to provide an energy boost without any side effects. But, how do we know if it’s true or not?

Company Behind Intelleral

As one caution, there isn’t a particular company behind this product. However, the Cleveland Clinic did testing with this product to see the effects of Whole Green Coffee Powder, the leading ingredient in the product.

Intelleral Claims

This product claims to:

  • increase concentration between 5-6 hours to help with tasks such as studying
  • release energy with no crash to help you with your concentration
  • aid in the brain’s function of memory
  • help with metabolism for the body

Intelleral Ingredients

It’s important to know what is in something before you try it. So, what is in this product? The leading ingredient is Whole Green Coffee Beans that are made into a powder. That is the only ingredient listed in the product, and that could be a sign that there is something they aren’t telling us.

How does Intelleral Work?

The product uses Whole Green Coffee Powder as their main selling point. They state that the coffee beans are green because they are unroasted. The process of roasting the beans takes away the antioxidants in the beans. The green coffee beans have natural antioxidants and can help with things such as blood pressure.

Intelleral Pros

  • This product was tested by the Cleveland Clinic and the University of Tampa
  • The green coffee beans are a super food with health benefits.
  • The product claims that it doesn’t overwork the heart.

Intelleral Cons

  • There is not a clear list of ingredients that are used with this product.
  • The lack of information about the ingredients is a problem.
  • It’s hard to know the company behind the product, so there is less credibility.
  • Although natural, there is caffeine in this product.

Intelleral Results

It is hard to state the results of this product because it is different for everyone. It’s important to consider that this product has caffeine in it, so it really shouldn’t be taken every day. The caffeine can have effects on the heart or give you jittery feelings.

Where to buy Intelleral?

Intelleral can be bought directly from official website. At the moment, though, they are running low on stock. That shows they have poor management of their product.

Is Intelleral a Scam?

Because of the lack of evidence given for this product such as the ingredients and the company behind the product, it seems to be a scam. There isn’t credibility for this product, and that is one problem when looking at dietary supplement websites.

Intelleral Side effects

The Intelleral website says there is little to no side effects, but it is not proven. There has been studies done on this product, but the results are also not given. This is an issue because you can’t accurately find out the side effects of this product. There is no list given at all.

Final Verdict

So, to conclude, this product should be researched further before you can make a decision to buy it. There are many red flags to show the product isn’t credible. Think about that before you try Intelleral.