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Iconic Forskolin Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

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Iconic ForskolinIconic Forskolin Reviews

Iconic Forskolin is an all natural herb supplement which is obtained from the root of the coleus forskholii which is a member of the mint family and has been used for centuries. It aids in the healing of digestive problems, heart problems by improving heart function, hypertension, asthma by relaxing the bronchial tubes and glaucoma by relieving pressure in the eyes.

Iconic Forskolin Company Behind

The company behind Iconic forskolin is Iconic. Not much is known about the company however and this is a massive red flag.Thus the research they claim to have done cannot be verified. It also lacks a physical address and therefore a ghost company.

Iconic Forskolin Claims

The company claims that the supplement induces weight loss very rapidly of up to 5 pounds in a week. Another claim is that it naturally regulates hormones irregardless of gender and body type. It also claims to induce proper weight management and this is very ambivalent considering the lack of exercise. Weight loss cannot be targeted and it claims loss of weight around the belly region only.

Iconic Forskolin Ingredients and Working

The ingredients contained in Iconic Forskolin include: Cyclic adenoside monophosphate which stimulates enzymes and hormones boosting metabolism, coleus forskolin which increases testosterone levels and raises the levels of lipase enzyme catalyzing the breakdown of fats, potassium which improves blood pressure and reduces fatigue and magnesium which supports healthy digestion. Lack of description of how these ingredients work in unison causes further red flags.The product works by helping the body manage weight by balancing the muscle to fat ratios. It stimulates the hormones in the body to boost metabolism and aid in burning fats and calories and prevents formation of new fat while increasing the energy levels in the body. The loss of fat leads to an increase in the lean muscle mass.

Iconic Forskolin Pros

Pros of using iconic forskolin include burning of stored fats and this induces rapid weight loss. Increased testosterone levels in men which aids in formation of lean muscles. It leads to suppressed cravings which prevents further weight gain. Finally it boosts the immune system, metabolism and melts body fat.

Iconic Forskolin Cons

Cons of using iconic forskolin include no serious ingredients to back up the claims of the company. There is also the lack of information regarding the company which produces Iconic Forskolin.

Iconic Forskolin Resuts

The working process has not been described by the company hence the studies claimed to have been done are not credible.The drug cannot be used by patients who take blood thinners, anti-platelet drugs or high blood pressure drugs.The results of the supplement can supposedly be observed within a week or two of using it.

Where to Buy Iconic Forskolin?

Iconic Forskolin can be purchased online by going to the the official website of the product or on amazon. The website also claims to provide free shipping for the product to your residence and also a free trial bottle.

Is Iconic Forskolin a Scam?

The Iconic Forskolin is most likely a scam. This is because there is no information on the company which produces the product. The iconic company also lacks a physical address. On the company website pictures are displayed for before and after usage of the drug and it is to known that these pictures are fake and have been stolen from different websites.

Iconic Forskolin Side Effects

Some of the side effects associated with using Iconic Foskolin include a rapid heart rate and embryo related toxicity. There is also lack of information regarding the possible side effects of use by breast feeding and pregnant women.

Final Verdict

Forskolin might have been used for a long time but the lack of valid information surrounding this product and also the company that produces it is not a very good sign. Most of the aspects of this drug have not been tested and its long term effects are yet to be determined. For weight loss it is better to use the tried and tested methods in order to expect valid and long lasting results.

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