HVMN Ketone ReviewHVMN Ketone

Many of those who work out to gain slender body go for minimal carb-intake but often times the results will make them even more eager to eat.

The fasting stage that went through in the process of trimming down those ugly fats makes the body burns down the stored fats so to lose some weight and it is where the kenotic drinks come into the picture.

The Company Behind HVMN Ketone

The HYMN Ketone was regarded as super fuel for human by its co-found and CEO of, Geoff Woo and Andreessen Horowitz who integrated the product with chewable coffee and drugs.

The HYMN Ketone contains 25 grams of ketone ester for $99 online.

HVMN Ketone Claims

  • It is FDA labeled safe and approved drink!
  • They claim that within few minutes of drink the HVMN Ketone can help your body in burning fats because it fuels and replenishes your body so you won’t feel tired and sluggish. It said to work on the ketosis metabolism process of the body.
  • The shots ketone to supply the ketosis diet into your body and this drink supplement taste like a mixture of nail-polish remover and alcohol.
  • It even said to boost the growth and reformation of the brain cells which they said to lead in longevity result when you take it into your body while you are fasting.
HVMN Ketone Ingredients

The main ingredient of the HVMN Ketone drink is the ketone ester or the beta-hydroxybutyrate also known as BHB, one that the body produces in times of starvation combines with sodium. It is the one that restores the energy of the body to perform the task.

How does HVMN Ketone Work?

In the ketosis process, the HVMN Ketone will burn out all the stored fats in the body at one single occasion which for me is super suspicious as this can lead bad complication to your health.

The concept of burning all the stored fats is very unlikely to happen during the normal workout or fasting job.

This is why I am skeptical in taking ketosis diet along with the use of this supplement drink that become popular today and widely used with athletes in excelling their performance.

HVMN Ketone Results

And because I tried this product I can say that this is not good for anyone because it increases my normal heartbeat.

I started to worry that I suddenly get a heart attack and I perspire more. The thing is though I never felt tired, I suffer stomach ache and feel dizziness.

It never increases my performance and worst the drink taste so bad that I am near to vomit it if not I feel sorry for the 99 dollars that I spent on it. And by the way, I pre-order it at:

Final Verdict

I regret my whole experiment with this new HVMN Ketone product. What I had been through in my search for the slender body is not worth it. I almost broke down while coping the effect of the supplement drink after an hour of drinking it.

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