Hum Moody Bird Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Hum Moody Bird Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Hum Moody BirdHum Moody Bird Reviews

The internet is being used to market products that don’t work. This malpractice is being used in 2017 more than ever. Nearly half of the PMS supplements in the market don’t work, HUM Moody Bird being one of them. The manufacturer claims that the supplement helps women in reducing the discomforts that come along with menstrual cycles.

Company Behind Hum Moody Bird

The company behind HUM Moody Bird is a product manufactured by HUM. Hum is a company that focuses on women’s cosmetics. The company produces a wide array of supplements from pills and capsules to oils and creams that are applied to the skin. Ingredients HUM Moody Bird claims to be packed with natural ingredients that address women’s monthly symptoms.

Hum Moody Bird Claims

  • All the ingredients that they use in making the supplement are carefully tested and do not have harmful effects. However, we all know that no scientific experiment has been conducted so far proving that it’s possible to manage period pain without side effects.
  • The company further claims that their product is completely pure with no chemical additives or genetic modification.

Hum Moody Bird Ingredients and How they Work?

HUM Moody Bird is made with Chaste Berry. Chaste Berry comes from the chaste tree. In earlier times, it was used by monks in promoting chastity. It was proven to reduce sexual desires. How can women trust a product that is known to lower sexual desires with their bodies? Won’t it harm them? Furthermore, there is no evidence supporting that Chaste berry reduces period pain. This product also contains Dong Quai, a plant used for pre menstrual syndrome.

Hum Moody Bird Pros

  • It balances hormonal levels even on non-period days
  • Made with Chaste Berry that has proven results
  • Gluten free and suitable for vegans and vegetarians

Hum Moody Bird Cons

  • Most buyers say it doesn’t work
  • Some buyers have actually had their acne worsen when using it even though the manufacturer claims it reduces acne
  • You have to take these capsules – Twice a day
  • Statements on the product have not been approved by the FDA This product has barely noticeable results.
  • Buyers did not notice any difference when using it. Some of them said that it gave them intense side effects.

Where to Buy Hum Moody Bird?

You can buy it straight from the manufacturer through their website.

Final Verdict

Why are they using chaste berry that is known to reduce sexual desires? Won’t it affect the consumer negatively? Even though they have not indicated any side effects, HUM Moody Bird users have sworn that the little benefits it has come at a great fee, anxiety, and difficulty in breathing. If you never thought your hard earned money could bring you hormonal imbalance, try HUM Moody Bird. It does not reduce PMS discomfort and cramps as they claim. The company tries to sell women an overpriced product that doesn’t work. Before spending your buck here, do your own research and shop for better alternatives.