How to Stay Trim Over Christmas and New Year?

How to Stay Trim Over Christmas and New Year?

stay trim over ChristmasWho does not want to flaunt their perfect shape? But with the coming of the holiday season, we almost stay in one corner, as we are no longer going to possess the perfect shape. Holiday means celebrating and having a feast over many unhealthy diets. But there is nothing called impossible. If you planned to stay fit and trim this year, then you must adopt the following steps to get along with the environment.

Here are some quick tips to make your holidays happy –

You must eat slowly

It is important to chew slowly when you have endless appetizer options, but it also pays off to pace yourself. If we eat quicker, the body gets less time to register fullness. So eat slowly and take a second after each bite of baked brie or scoop of spiced nuts.

Do not have extra sugar

The cookies, cakes and pies are not a type of temptation, but all that increases the risk of the cardiovascular problems and obesity with their added sugar. You must stick to the sugar that comes is naturally from fruit, veggies, whole grains. You must try the small tastes of the desserts you are truly craving rather than loading up a full plate of bland cookies.

Learn to say ‘no’

There are relatives who might encourage you to stay unhealthy. So to discourage overeating shove seconds on a cleaned plate, so it is better to decline everything peacefully.

Control alcohol

You must avoid too much of drinking in the holiday parties. It is not just important to control your calories. But if you drink a lot, you will not have much control over what you eat. If you feel out of place without a drink have a soda instead.

Wait for a few grabbing seconds

As we have mentioned, the quicker you want to snack on a meal, the less time we will get our body to register fullness. You must take out 20 minutes for the brain to get the message that your dinner is served. It is better to go out for a walk or chat with your friend before you begin your dinner.

Try to move with pace

If you cram yourself with as much as you can in the first hour of a party, then it hard to determine how it is going to affect your body. If you chew in the half an hour slowly, then you will be able to fill up with less food and vice versa. You can munch at leisurely places and recommends putting your fork down between every bite.

Chewing gum

This is one of the highly acceptable and trendy ways to stay away from overeating in the holiday and stay trim as well. There are studies, which show that the chewing gum helps to curb your appetite and lead to weight loss. Chewing will help you to socialize, but will control your food habits at the same pint of time.

Consume more water

Drinking of water helps to stay full and as a result, you are going to consume fewer calories. You must stay away from those sugar-laden juices and sodas since they increase body fat and blood pressure. Better, treat yourself with a glass of wine and for the rest of the day depend on water.

Say cheers to life and follow the above eight steps to stay trim even in the holidays.