Hibern8 ReviewsHibern8 reviews

Hibern8 is a product which promises its consumers a sound-full sleep after a busy and eventful day but things turn around when people get to know that it actually effects their immune system as-well as their built in system of getting into a hibernation and resting the whole body. This company claims that this particular product is 100% effective as it contains sleep promoting agents like GABA, L-Tryptophan,etc.

Company behind Hibern8

Nutrex is a Research based company which claims to release products related to Protein supplementation mainly used by Body builders. This company was established in 2012 and had its ups and downs since then.

Hibern8 Claims

This Product is supposed to eliminate any kind of distress at the end of the day and serve an inner environment for the consumer to sleep peacefully.

  • A sound-full sleep
  • Muscle and Memory restoration
  • A complete refreshed mind-state

Hibern8 Ingredients

This product is largely composed of 3 main components names GABA, L-Tryptophan and Melatonin. GABA or Gamma-Aminobutyric acid is basically Neurotransmitter and as the name itself suggest that its supposed to relax our nerve activity to a higher extent. Melatonin here is a hormone which gives healthy deep sleep. Along with L-Tryptophan that eventually turns into Serotonin, Which is also a neurotransmitter helping to relax nerves related to memory, mood,etc. Along with these three components it even houses Zinc and Magnesium at a marginal level.

How does Hibern8 Work?

The way this product works is pretty straight forward as two of the neurotransmitters namely GABA or Gamma-Aminobutyric acid grants the nerve system to calm down on an intermediate basis while allowing the other neurotransmitter L-Tryptophanm (A natural acid which gets absorbed and later turns into Serotonin) to provide a mood and memory boosting environment in the consumer’s brains amidst giving them sound sleep. The third element is Melatonin which is produced in Peniel gland that makes sure that the user has a relaxed mind state while getting into HIBERNATION!

Hibern8 Pros

  • Giving consumers a sense of relaxation while sleeping and a sense of feeling fresh the whole next day.
  • The enlisted ingredients are human friendly and actually give Nerve related benefits as we go on to observe in a Micro level scale.-Great nutrition after a heavy workout.
  • This product actually claims to give a Money-back guarantee in-case if the consumer isn’t satisfied.

Hibern8 Cons

  • Reduced effectiveness ( As rated by most of the customers )
  • Effects the regulation of time intervals in brain( The part that decides when to wake and when to sleep ).
  • Largely effects our psychological system where some customers even claims they had weird dreams late night.-Causes Dizziness in the early stages.

Hibern8 Results

Most of the people claimed that this product isn’t that effective in the early stages as they didn’t even feel the urge of sleeping which downgraded this products sales by almost half. Users that work-out a lot got sensible effect in the later stage when they completely got acquainted with the product, They are the ones who gave positive results to this product.

Where to buy Hibern8?

This product can be directly brought from Amazon.com which ships this to almost all the parts of the world. This product is also available to purchase on selected retailer outlets which houses all the Nutrex products.

Is Hibern8 a Scam?

The ingredients used in this particular product are all supposed to provide the best night’s sleep but according to the results shown by consumers using this product for weeks there isn’t much of an effect that this product gives on normal people so it can be labeled as a SCAM! Although, The redeemers also claimed that some people who work out really extensive are the ones getting benefited in a higher scale. This product also provides some sensible issues related to sleep-Deprivation in the later stages.

Hibern8 Side Effects

  • Dizziness and sleep-deprivation( Late stages )
  • Is not recommended to be consumed by Pregnant women, Anyone under 18 years, People with Premedical issues.
  • Not recommended to do any heavy physical exhaustion until 8 hours after taking this capsule.

Final Verdict

This product on a whole looks fascinating and judging by the ingredients it houses and the claims the company made, It should work on a extremely impressive levels But on the other hand as the reports show that it isn’t effectiveness enough and more over people even tend to get side-effects related to sleeping disorders and dizziness. Although people who build their bodies has claimed that this product worked out well for them.

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