Grenade AT4 Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Grenade AT4 Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Grenade AT4 ReviewsGrenade AT4

Testosterone deficiency is to blame for men’s reproductive and physical performance problems.

It happens naturally as men age. Solution ranges from testosterone replacement to testosterone supplementation.

One product that has people talking is Grenade AT4. The supplement was allegedly designed for the British Special Forces.

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Is this male supplement really effective in boosting testosterone levels? Unfortunately, there are reasons to vote nay.

Company behind Grenade AT4

A United Kingdom based company referred to as Grenade manufacturers this dietary supplement. Grenade is generally a fitness firm that specializes in the production of health supplements capable of proving the  much needed support’ during workout regimens.

Grenade AT4 Claims

  • A testosterone booster that promises what the company calls “Anabolic Devastation”
  • Developed to transform the anabolic environment of your body
  • Grenade AT4 increases body strength and enhances stamina
  • The supplement promotes fat loss and helps you lose excess weight
  • It boosts your muscle pump and thereby helps to maintain lean body mass

Grenade AT4 Ingredients

According to Grenada, the AT4 testosterone supplement contains activated 7-dehydrocholesterol (or vitamin D3), D-aspartic calcium chelate, Passiflora Caerulea, fenugreek extract and boric acid.

The company claims that each of these ingredients has unique effects on testosterone production and they work synergistically to cause an overall boost in the levels of this vital male hormone.

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How Does Grenade AT4 Work?

The promoters of Grenade AT4 claim that the supplement works through its active ingredients. It is manufactured using the so-called rapid dispersal capsule technology that promotes faster and more efficient absorbency.

The ingredients may work synergistically to enhance your body’s natural testosterone production process this resulting in higher testosterone levels.

This, the promoters claim, helps to boost physical performance, muscle pumps, recovery as well as muscle growth, not to forget better sexual performance.

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Grenade AT4 Pros

  • Premium quality supplement due to its potent ingredients and technologically advanced formulation
  • The ingredients all extracted from nature and this could mean no side effects associated with Grenade AT4 use
  • Touted to improve physical performance especially during workout and sexual prowess in men suffering from testosterone deficiency

Grenade AT4 Cons

  • There is no information on how each of the ingredients in Grenade AT4 formulation works
  • The low doses of this supplement are so high for the company’s clinically tested dosages claim
  • At the current price, the Grenade AT4 is one of the most expensive dietary testosterone supplements
  • The product lacks money back guarantee which hurts its credibility and reputation

Grenade AT4 Results

While this supplement may have some testosterone boosting effects, it does not possess the ability to perform as well as claimed by the manufacturer. Available information indicates that the supplement is just a little bit better than placebo when it comes to testosterone enhancement.

Where To Buy Grenade AT4?

If you are interested in buying this supplement then you can purchase it from online stores. The best place is the official website of the supplement where you can get some discount if any.

The other online retail shops, majorly Amazon, offer competitive prices and guarantees delivery. It is not clear whether you can find them in your local drug or supplement store.

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Is Granada AT4 a Scam?

From my analysis, I can say with confidence that this product is actually a scam that is mean to hoodwink you into spending your hard earned cash on a fake product with fake results. Since the company cannot reveal how each of the ingredients works, it is possible that the company is more interested in money and not men’s health as they claim.

Grenade AT4 Side Effects

Since Grenade AT4 is formulated with natural ingredients, you can only expect to have minimal side effects. However, it has some additives that can prove toxic if you take larger than normal doses of this supplement. One thing for sure is that fenugreek has this effect of tingeing your sweat with a noxious maple syrupy aroma.

Final Verdict

Contrary to the claims about Grenada AT4, this supplement is just another way for cash hungry individuals to mint money from men concerned about their physical and reproductive health.

The company does not fill me with confidence since they offer very limited information on the mechanism by which their product achieves its effects. Besides, the supplement is extremely costly. You will do well by avoiding it.