Greens Freak ReviewsGreens Freak reviews

Greens Freak is a supplement which claims to be full of anti-oxidants derived from plants and seaweed such as alfafa, wheatgrass and barley grass to name a few which also provide you with the essential supplements that you need. It supposedly boosts your immunity and protects your cells from free radical damage.

Company behind Greens Freak

Pharmafreak was founded in 2008 and produces mainly sports related supplements made under GMP quality control standards. The company was founded in response to customers who wanted more potent supplements.

Greens Freak Claims

Pharmafreak claims that Greens Freak,

  • Boosts your immunity by improving your overall health which ultimately helps your body defend itself against illnesses.
  • Acts as an anti-oxidant ridding your body of toxins keeping you healthy and fit
  • Contains the supplements to prevent free radicals from damaging your cells
  • Also neutralizes the pH of your body to make it more alkaline by reducing the acidity of the body.

Greens Freak Ingredients

  • Barley grass which provides essential supplements for the proper functioning of the body
  • Alfafa grass to support immunity
  • Wheat grass flushes toxins from your system
  • Green algae for immunity as well
  • Milk Thistle extract for detoxification
  • Probiotic cultures for gut health
  • Other ingredients such as nitrate and digestive enzymes

How does Greens Freak Work?

Pharmafreak® claims that taking Greens Freak will increase your health substantially as toxins in your body will be flushed away leaving your body free of bacteria which then creates a good immune system.

They claim that the anti-oxidants prevent cells from free radical damage keeping you healthier as well.

They also mention that Greens Freak also neutralizes the pH of the body making it more alkaline which should be the natural state of the body.

Greens Freak Pros

  • It improves the immunity
  • The free radicals in your body are culled therefore protecting your cells and your body as a whole.
  • It detoxifies your system by flushing out harmful wastes leaving you with a healthy system

Greens Freak Cons

  • Customer reviews on Amazon say that the taste is horrifying and many end up gagging
  • Many customers have been embarrassed in the workplace with “green teeth” after having a shot of Greens Freak
  • There is no quantity of the actual ingredients used in the formulation – isn’t that illegal?
  • The manufacturers details are not stated anywhere in the packaging; are they hiding something?
  • The product is only sold online

Greens Freak Results

In my view, there are many similar products in the market that are more transparent and have their ingredients and manufacturer listed clearly. This company and product looks a little shady.

Where can you purchase Greens Freak?

Greens Freak can only be purchased online through Amazon. They do not sell their products in stores – not even in health food shops or pharmacies. There must be a reason why. Something that needs to be found out.

Is Greens Freak a Scam?

Honestly, I can’t say it’s a scam as it has a good rating on Amazon so the people purchasing it must be seeing some good effects. But on the same token, I can’t say that it is a genuine product too as it does seem a little shady with not listing ingredients and the manufacturer’s details.

Greens Freak Side effects

Their side effects are relatively vague stating that it may have adverse reaction to some people. That doesn’t really tell us much. However, it is quite clear to state that those with allergies to pollen or bee sting should stay away from the product.

Final Verdict

I would be staying away from this product because as a consumer I would like to know the quantities or the volume of the ingredients that have gone into a product before I consume it. I would also like to know the manufacturer so that I can contact them if I needed more information.

There are many other similar products like Greens Freak in the market therefore if I was to look for something similar, I will be going for a different brand.

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