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Green Tea HP Review: Side Effects, Scam, Results, Does it Work?

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Green Tea HP ReviewsGreen Tea HP reviews

Green tea hp is a combination of natural ingredients that are intended to help in weight loss and revitalise the body’s energy levels. The product that is packaged into tea bags is used by mixing with water and consumed twice a day for better quicker results. It comes in a wide variety of flavours to suit customer’s needs.

Company Behind Green Tea HP

MLM Company is the brain child behind Green Tea hp has through the years increased its sales by engaging loyal consumers of the product as distributors as well as providing discounts and monthly shipment of the product to its overseas clients.

Green Tea HP Claims

  • Is not palatable
  • May not be containing enough active ingredients to see the results soon therefore a high dose is required to see the results
  • The company is not clear on when it started operating putting their history in question
  • They do not offer refunds on credit card billings when a customer discontinues using their products.
  • There is no clear platform and transparency on their operations and customer care

Green Tea HP Ingredients

It contains a combination of organic ingredients and preservatives that include organic pomegranate juice, noni juice, acai, trace elements and resveratrol. These ingredients are powerful antioxidants. The tea bag sachets are a serving each and are meant to be used as a supplement for weight loss among many other benefits.

How does Green Tea HP Work?

The ingredients are activated by making an infusion in hot or cold water depending on preference. Green tea hp is a powerful antioxidant that works by improving metabolism, boosting the body’s immune system and aiding in weight loss by reducing cholesterol levels, and reducing cravings for junk food and sugar. Each of the ingredients has properties that restore the body to a normal active state. What if a client is allergic to cold or hot water? There are no further directions.

Green Tea HP Pros

  • Variety of flavours
  • Guaranteed results if used faithfully
  • I have used the product for months but only lost a couple of pounds which I keep gaining back

Green Tea HP Cons

  • Bad taste despite variety of flavours
  • Large amounts required to realise results
  • The bad taste may has minimised my loyalty to the product therefore I am not sure if results are guaranteed
  • I do not know company history and therefore I cannot honestly rate the product as good
  • It is expensive

Green Tea HP Results

Long time required to realize the results only benefits the company through sales and discouraged me from using it and besides there are times that I could not afford it because of the high price.

Where to buy Green Tea HP?

I do not know where else to buy the product if I do not know a sales distributor. The product is not available in stores and one has to have known someone who uses it to be able to purchase it. Even so the prices are high. The product is to me a scam otherwise the company would be clear about its history and provide a platform for clients to complain.

Green Tea HP Side Effects

My weight shots back to double in those days when I am not able to purchase the product consistently. The flavors taste so artificial. At one time i tried to change the flavours to see which one suits my preferences but I ended up vomiting on half of them. I now stick to the lemon flavor if I have to take the tea.

Final Verdict

Green tea has many benefits because of its antioxidant properties. But MLM needs to work hard on customer satisfaction. The variety of flavors offered are a good step to meet customer needs but alot of education is needed by customers on why they should stick to product whose company is not transparent. I think Green tea hp has failed to convince me why I should stick to it when there are other brands in the market that are easily available and offer what want.

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