Genacol Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Genacol Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Genacol Reviews

Genacol is a an organic supplement that contains pure collagen. The manufacturer claims this product will alleviate joint pain from arthritis and associated symptoms. However, the most important question to ask here is whether this product is safe for you to take. Is the product worth the money and all the hustles of ordering it online?

The Company behind Genacol

Genacol is manufactured by Genacol Canada Corporation Inc. The company claims to have a lot of experience in the drug and supplement industry. However, you should know that the industry has a shaky recemy. Numerous lawsuits have been filed against this company in the past.

Genacol Claims

Genacol Canada claims that this product will do wonders for you. But is it really true?

Here is what they claim it does.

  • Alleviate all joint pains
  • Replenish the worn out joint cartilages
  • Reduce numbness in the peripheral limbs

Genacol Ingredients

Genacol is purely an organic product. It contains only one supplement outlined below
-Collagen: This is the only active ingredient in Genacol. It helps to rebuild the body’s joints and other tissues.

How does Genacol Work?

As stated above Genacol contains collagen, which we all know is the building block of connective tissues and cartilages that line the joints. In conditions like arthritis, this joints become worn out and inflamed causing pain. Genacol takes care of this by rejuvenating the collagen tissues within the joints. Therefore, reducing pain, inflammation and joint weakness.

Genacol Pros

The owners claim that Genacol has the following advantages over other products.

  • Purely organic
  • Boost joint mobility
  • Combats a range of diseases, from arthritis to fibromyalgia
  • Does not contain additives such as sugars and salts

Genacol Cons

As much as we would like to believe that Genacol is flawless, it’s not. The following are just but a few complains from various users

  • Temporal relief: Unfortunately, Genacol only helps alleviate the symptoms only for a short time. This is especially true since Arthritis can’t be treated with supplements alone. Any respectable doctor will tell you that
  • Not effective: Genacol take too long to have positive effects on the patient
  • Costly: The shipping and cost of the drug is very high
  • No refund: Money is non refundable, in case no improvements are seen by the user,

Final Verdict

Overall, the supplement seems not to have the desired effect that the company claims. Conditions such as arthritis can’t be treated with supplements alone. It needs aggressive treatments using different drugs. So this product will not help you in anyway, it`s a scam to get your precious money. Any respectable doctor out there will tell you that supplements alone aren’t enough to treat arthritis. So don’t fall for such scams online, always read product review before buying.