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With so much pressure on looking slim and healthy, many of us are looking for help from diet pills in achieving our goals. A current trend in the weight loss industry is the ingredient Garcinia Cambodia, the main ingredient found in Garcinia Replenish, which promises to aid weight-loss effortlessly.

Company Behind Garcinia Replenish

The company behind this particular brand of diet pill is also named after the product – Garcinia Replenish. It is a US based company and can be found on a .com website however more information on the company is hard to come by.
There are currently many Garcinia Cambodia extract products on the market yet Garcinia Replenish attempt to set themselves apart by

Garcinia Replenish Claims

  • Is made from 100% Garcinia Cambodia with no artificial ingredients
  • Provides fast and visible results
  • Improves metabolism
  • Increases serotonin levels
  • Suppresses appetite

Garcinia Replenish Ingredients

These claims are based on the believed positive side effects of the Garcinia Cambodia extract which is the main ingredient in Garcinia Replenish. This extract comes from the Tamarind fruit which contains Hydroxycitric acid. Garcinia Replenish has not disclosed their full ingredients list, claiming the fruit extract to be their only ingredient.

How Does Garcinia Replenish Work?

In theory, this is the only ingredient needed. Cambodia Replenish works by using the Hydroxycitric acid which is found in many tropical plants. It is claimed that when high quantities of HCA is ingested, it can lead to a reduction of epididymal fat. This is a result of a suppression of the activity of citrate lyase enzyme, which produces fat in the body.
Considering this information, there are some pros to choosing

Garcinia Replenish Pros

  • With only one ingredient, Garcinia Replenish is a much more concise and natural product.
  • Through the use of HCA, you can actively reduce the production of fat in your body.
    However, these possible pros are based on scanty information and there are issues surrounding Garcinia Replenish:

Garcinia Replenish Cons

  • The lack of an ingredients list suggests Garcinia Replenish contains less than 100mg of the extract
  • There is very little scientific evidence to back up theories on the effects of HCA
  • Adverse side effects are unknown
  • At just under $90, the cost is steep compared to other similar products.

Where to buy Garcinia Replenish?

For this particular brand Garcinia Replenish’ can be purchased at their website However, similar products can be purchased from most major online and physical retailers.

Is Garcinia Replenish a Scam?

It can’t be said for sure whether Garcinia Replenish is a scam. There are many other companies pushing the same ingredient and there have been endorsements by well-known physicians. However, it cannot be ignored that there is very little scientific evidence to back up their claims. Moreover, Garcinia Replenish center around a high retail price and an auto-shipping concept, meaning you can be charged $90 per month until you cancel your compulsory subscription.

Garcinia Replenish Side effects

Garcinia Replenish claims that their product has no adverse side effects. However, minimal research into HCA reveals that although studies did not find conclusive evidence of positive side effects of the extract, they did find a possibility of adverse side effects such as high testicular toxicity and a reduction in carbohydrate metabolism.

Final Verdict

The trend of using diet pills as a fast and easy way to achieve weight-loss goals does not seem to be slowing down and so it is no surprise that Garcinia Cambodia is the new plant-based wonder ingredient like many before it. However, like many diet pills, Garcinia Replenish should be purchased with minimal expectations for positive effects and possibility of being out of pocket.

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