Garcinia Plus 100Garcinia Plus 100 Reviews

These days obesity has become a common problem around the world and to tackle this problem worldwide, medicine by name of Garcinia 100 Plus is brought forward to you which claims to burn unnecessary fat in body. It is a product made using natural ingredients and thus it has no side effects.

Take these pills along with your lunch and dinner one each time and see the changes in a matter of few days, the claim says.

Company Behind Garcinia Plus 100

The company which brings this product to you in market is still hiding in a plain sight, though the address they use for fulfillment and returns mentioned is as follows –

#1092 PO Box 153201

Tampa, FL 33684

Legal Address:

#7601 1200 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, DC 20044

You can discuss you queries or doubts if any by calling at 1-888-795-1757 and you can get email help and product information or assistance by mailing your doubts at

Garcinia Plus 100 Claims

  • It helps you remain energetic all day long.
  • Burns unrequited fat in body thus helping in weight loss.
  • Metabolism improvement which maintains body processes at best.
  • Make you crave less for amount of food intake on daily basis.
  • Doesn’t let your weight get out of control, maintains it in best limits.

Garcinia Plus 100 Ingredients


It just has a label saying it has extracts of garcinia cambogia, a natural element which burns fats in body but when used in a certain amount.

Even if we consider a pack having approximately 300 mg of this natural extract, it doesn’t at all make sense or prove beneficial by scientific point of view.

How Does Garcinia Plus 100 Work?

Garcinia Plus 100 is completely made of natural products, majorly from extracts of garcinia cambogia which grows somewhere in Asia. It is said to have a chemical compound which reacts rapidly with fats and burns them  down, also the compound proves a great potential against not only fats but also other unnecessary ingredients, resulting in improved metabolism and weight loss.

Garcinia Plus 100 Pros

  • Totally natural product made from extracts of a fruit.
  • To be taken along with food, no special method or no separate time needed.
  • Burns fats, provides energy and improves metabolism without any special efforts.

Garcinia Plus 100 Cons

  • Amount of extract isn’t at all enough to perform pros stated.
  • Manufacturer still hiding names doesn’t feel like to make reliable products.
  • All ingredients are not mentioned, which gives high rise to chance of any artificial drugs mixed along.
  • To be taken on regular basis along with food can lead to drug overdose as well because customers already aren’t aware of all ingredients or company involved.

Garcinia Plus 100 Results

After taking into consideration the ingredients, the working procedure and manufacturer details I have arrived to the point that this product is not at all beneficial and will not yield the desired results.

Where to buy Garcinia Plus 100?

This exclusive product can be purchased either from some local sellers at eBay or bought from official site. It  costs $95 at official site under a trial period banner. This price excludes all
sorts of shipping and delivery charges which customers will have to pay during the time of receiving product.

Is Garcinia Plus 100 a Scam?

A definite YES. Any such product without any details of manufacturer and the hidden list of ingredients sounds a definite scam to me and such products should be abolished from market as they are complete hoax and harm many individuals. This is a definite fraud and customers are being only cheated.

Garcinia Plus 100 Side Effects

Any medicine dosage which doesn’t mention the drugs used or the company involved may have numerous hidden side effects which might not be immediately visible but may affect human body if consumed on regular basis.

Side effects may vary from person to person, so it is recommended to stay away
from such products and if consumed, it’ll be on your own risk.

Final Verdict

Garcinia Plus 100 is a complete hoax and customers are being cheated by both money as well as time. Neither does the manufacturer company reveals itself nor does it declare the list of ingredients used in its so called most amazing product. The only conclusion which can be mentioned seeing such products is that one should be aware of fake products and claims
and believe with reliance on assured quality products and treatments only.

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