Garcinia Clean XT Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Garcinia Clean XT Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Garcinia Clean XT Reviews

Garcinia Clean XT is a dietary formula designed specifically to assist people fight weight gain and burn excessive fats. The product is made from Garcinia Cambogia Extract, which helps in burning calories by combating food cravings, low energy, bad mood and low metabolism. While the manufacturer claims that the product is safe, effective and convenient. Let’s review this supplement to find out if it’s really effective.

Garcinia Clean XT Manufacturer Information

Phenom Health Company, a leading manufacturing company produced the Garcinia Clean XT. They are known for their wide range of products which are compelling and very effective.

Garcinia Clean XT Claims

The usual claims made by Garcinia Clean XT are –

  • Control appetite
  • Block production of fat
  • Increase serotonin
  • Balance stress hormones

Garcinia Clean XT Ingredients

The claims made look very decent and convincing, let’s look at the ingredients to find out if it can back up the claims.

  • Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract – This extract is the core ingredient used in this supplement. It plays a very vital role in weight loss and fat burning.
  • Gelatin – This ingredient is very commonly used in weight loss supplements, it is a protein which is extracted from animal products.
  • Silicon Dioxide – This ingredient prevents clumping and acts as a food additive.
  • Other ingredients – Magnesium Stearate and Rice Flour.

It is not possible to know the exact dosage or ingredients of the product as there is no product label available on the website. The website does claim that the product is made from natural ingredients and is free from any kind of filler or binder.

How Does Garcinia Clean XT Works?

Garcinia Clean XT suppresses the appetite of an individual which does not make them feel hungry between meals. Since the appetite goes low, the calorie consumption during a day also reduces making weight loss quicker. Dieting usually causes depression in individuals, but this product combats depression too as it increases serotonin which puts the individual in good mood always.

By increasing the metabolism in the body these pills promote fat burning processes. It also prevents the body from adding on more fat by averting the enzyme that the body uses to convert carbs to fat.

Garcinia Clean XT Pros

  • Lose weight at a faster rate.
  • Hinders the conversion of starch into fats.
  • Prevents accumulation of fats
  • Suppresses appetite and makes one feel full for longer hours.
  • Boosts metabolism rate
  • Boost your mood and stay happy all the time.

Garcinia Clean XT Cons

The product makes many strong claims of being 100% safe and having natural ingredients. But there is no evident discussion of any cons or side effects. There is no shortcut to losing weight, and we would suggest that you always consult experts before trusting any supplements like these.

Garcinia Clean XT Results

This supplement contains 60% HCA which is the maximum in the industry. It means the product is one is the strongest formulas present in the market claiming sure results.

Where To Buy Garcinia Clean XT?

This supplement is not available with the retailers, but it can be bought directly online. The supplement is delivered straight to the doorstep. The supplement is offered as a 14 day trial which is NOT FREE. Also note that the offer claims to be exclusively for the US residents.

Is Garcinia Clean XT a Scam?

It is not a scam but it is hard to know the actual terms of the offer. The company website does not disclose the actual cost of the supplement in its trial offer, the individual would see it finally on the check-out page.

The company has made it greyed out which makes it difficult for one to notice and is the main reason why people often overlook it. Users sign up thinking it’s free, but it does involve the hidden shipping cost of $4.95.

May users called it a “Scam” when they were hit with a charge of $84.71 at the end of their trial. The users realize this when they discover the auto shipping plan. But this is not a scam and it is no free offer. I would suggest one should look for more trusted and effective alternatives.

Garcinia Clean XT Side Effects

Since we couldn’t gather many user reviews for it has become hard to say how safe this product is and what the side effects are. The general rule before using any supplement is to consult your doctor before you start it. And the same thing holds true for Garcinia Clean XT.

Final Verdict

Losing weight is a priority for all of us, but is taking shortcuts for it worth? No matter how strong the claims are, I wouldn’t suggest using such products without proper consultation. Also, beware of the trial offers which could fool you with their hidden costs. If you still are convinced with the claims and offer of the Garcinia Clean XT, note you are about to trust a company who is trying to hide the exact terms of the offer. 

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