Game Day by MAN Review: Does it Really Work?

Game Day by MAN Review: Does it Really Work?

Game Day by MAN reviewGame Day by MAN Overview

Pre workout formulas to boost performance have always been coming up replacing each other in the market for fitness products. These formulas are sports supplements to increase activity. Many ingredients including herbs, vitamins and minerals mixed together help in achieving maximum efficiency while working out.

Company behind Game Day

Let us talk about a popular contender called “Game Day” by MAN (Metabolic Augmenting Nutrition) Sports. The company provides a range of products for muscle building, fat building and testosterone formulas, essentially specializing in the sales of workout and fitness products. Popular online retailers including “tiger fitness” and “Bodybuilding” are currently working in association with MAN.

Game Day by MAN Claims

MAN claims Game Day is a high intensity performance aid, is a nitric oxide stimulation, an energy blend for covering muscle growth and other growth factors to assist in post workout muscle recovery. Another surprising claim which stand out is the minimalist requirement of the formula, which currently states only a half a scoop of the formula is needed to get you up and running to your maximum potential.

Game Day by MAN Ingredients

Several ingredients go into the making of the formula, such as nitric oxides, GMS(Glyrcerol Monostearate ) , GPLC (Glycine Propionyl- L – Carnitine HCL), L- Norvaline,Rutacaerpine, Pure PF3. Other ingredients such as caffeine, black tea, energy blend and Dendrobium alkaloids, L-Tyrosine, Rauwolscine are common yet major stimulants in workout formulas.

How does Game Day by MAN Work?

The working of the formula is quite simple. Nitric Oxides increase blood flow and redirect nutrients and energy to the muscles,GMS acts as a powerful pre workout pump,and GPLC is an antioxidant to decrease oxidation stress and lower lactic acid levels in the blood. L- Norvaline increases nitric oxide production by 55% boosting energy absorption by muscles. , Rutacaerpine increases blood circulation and body temperature hence assisting in burning more fat. Pure PF3 is one if the main ingredient in the formula which provides with essential nutrients and enzymes to break all the proteins effectively and meet the muscle energy requirements. Other ingredients such as caffeine and black tea keep the energy levels high and nourish neurotransmitters in the brain, all the mean while providing more energy and increasing physical strength, performance, endurance and fat loss.

Game Day by MAN Pros

The main advantages of Game day is the increased focus, strength, energy, fat burning and weight loss. It comes in multiple flavors and tastes. Most importantly very little quantity of the formula is required since it is extremely concentrated (Only half a scoop).

Game Day by MAN Cons

But, the disadvantages are heavy as well, it is a very expensive product if bought in low quantities. Some people do not like the tastes despite the variety. The formula and its ingredients may lead to high blood pressure, feeling as if heart rate is too fast and vomiting or nausea. It can lead to potential adrenal fatigue and drug test failures. The product in known to cause sleeplessness as well to people sensitive to high caffeine concentrations. The results of the formula can be clearly observed as a definite boost to performance and activity although it has its drawbacks. Under proper guidance from a physician or a specialist the formula can be very yielding.

Where to Buy Game Day by MAN?

Game Day can be bought on amazon or bodybuilding. The 60 servings cost 40 $. The official retailer stores include the vitamin shoppe, natural body inc and TF supplement.

Is Game Day by MAN a Scam?

Certainly many of you would be wondering whether it is a scam or not. MAN sports is a well renown company which provides excellent products in the fitness an health market. Ranging from many categories and a well over 100 products, which are used throughout. The product is a 100% legit and works wonders. Although side effects are always a possibility, it is advised that professional consultancy be taken before using any supplements for workout. Common side effects that have been noted are vomiting, nausea and sleeplessness to sensitive nervous systems.[crazy]