Exercises to Control Erectile Dysfunction

Exercises to Control Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction ExercisesErectile Dysfunction Exercises

Any young man or old can regularly perform exercises in order to ensure strong erections maximum size and full ejaculation control. There are important benefits of regularly performing erectile dysfunction exercise. Natural erectile dysfunction exercises are quite simple, natural and free penis-strengthening exercise that can very easily cure erectile problems if done properly with patience. Soft erection is the inability to maintain an erection for longer than a few minutes and the feeling of low libido can cause happiness and also a lot of confidence in a young man.

There are benefits of regular erectile dysfunction exercise or penis workout. The erection mainly depends upon healthy blood circulation of the blood vessels around the penis .Erectile Dysfunction occurs due to a several reasons. Some of them are due to high cholesterol, stress, diabetes and anxiety. In today’s world psychological issues and depression are a reason and also blood flow problems. There are few exercises which can treat Erectile Dysfunction in a few week times or may completely disappear if done regularly. There are following exercises to treat Erectile Dysfunction which are as follows.

Kegel exercise for ED1. Kegel Workouts

This exercise help in strengthening the penis muscle which results in harder erections and the maximum size of the penis. This exercise helps in making flexible the PC muscle which is present between the testicles and anus. Flex this muscle ten times in a row, holding your muscle firm for 5 full seconds.

2. Penile MassagePenile Massage

Regular massaging the penis helps in improving the blood circulation of the vessels making the penis erect, semi erect or sometimes flaccid. Massaging while erect for 45 minutes increases the blood circulation to the capillaries and also the erectile tissue .If one can massage around the perineum area which is behind the testicles and the base of the testicles improves blood circulation. Testicular massage is quite helpful in increasing testosterone level in the penis area. It is better to massage the penis in warm shower because it proves beneficial.

Orgasm Edging3. Orgasm Edging

In Orgasm edging one have to take them to the brink of orgasm and flex their PC muscle to prevent ejaculating. This have to be done several times in a row and one have to be careful and refrain from ejaculation one of every two times.

Pelvic floor exercises4. Pelvic floor exercises

It also help to reduce erectile dysfunction by reduce urinary or bowel incontinence, stop dribble after urination and overall sexual experience. Aerobic exercise can also be quite beneficial in reducing erectile dysfunction.

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