Top 13 Exercises to Burn Fat: Best fat Burning Exercises

Top 13 Exercises to Burn Fat: Best fat Burning Exercises

exercises to burn fatTop 13 Exercises to Burn Fat

Well, without any doubt “burpees” is one of the complicated workout exercise. Burpees involve moving from standing position to a pushup position and back again very quickly. It is famous among the athletes because they work every muscle in your body. If you are not good in doing burpees then you don’t need to worry at all because we have 13 different best fat burning exercises,

1. Goblet SquatGoblet Squat for Weight loss

This is one of the best way to squat for sure. This works your thighs more than anything as it takes stress off your spine because you keep you trunk upright by front loading the weight. Goblet squats are safer and accessible than any other squat exercise.

2. Barbell Muscle Snatch

This exercise is very technical and hard to learn but it affects your whole body power. With the bar at your knee instead of on the floor, it is performed from a hang position. Range of motion is decreased therefore bypassing the potential mobility problems.

3. Dumbbell Skier SwingDumbbell Skier Swing

The amount of fat you lose while running is the same as doing this swing exercise but without the joint pain that comes with pounding the track. This swing has been best recommended for guys who want more meat on their hamstrings, back and glutes.

4. Dumbbell Farmer’s WalkDumbbell Farmer’s Walk

Farmer’s walk is just like simple walking with the addition of weights. Adding weights to your walk helps in building muscles and burns fat everywhere. For a prominent fat loss, sets of one to two minutes at a time are great.

5. Box Squat Jump

If you are overweight, these squats can take some time but they are great for stimulating larger muscle fibers. You can easily adjust the height of the box depending upon your mobility and fitness level. It helps in improving your landing mechanics when done sitting down between the reps.

6. Stepup Jump

These jumps provide a lower impact method to train your lower body power and helps reducing calories aggressively. Stepups affect mostly hip area just like box squats. It is the best way to put the glutes into working as glutes are the biggest muscles in the body.

7. Battle Rope WaveBattle Rope Wave

Battle rope waves are simple easy and works on your lower body joints real quick. It is best done by doing it for 10 to 20 seconds and then rest for 40 to 50 seconds. You need to keep your abs crunched and flat back with different variations.

8. Bear CrawlBear Crawl

Bear crawl helps in improving your rib and pelvic positioning along with your breathing mechanics. It strengthen your hands, wrists and boost your shoulder stability. The best way to perform bear crawl is to do it with lunges.

9. Walking Lunge

Regular running can be replaced with walking lunges if your goal is to just burn the fat. It can be done continuously because you are moving from side to side. Increasing the range of motion stimulates your hips and thighs.

10. Box Thruster

Box thrusters are a combination of squats and overhead presses. This workout exercise helps creating movement in your whole body and really affects your heart rate. This is best done by sitting on a bench or box.

11. TRX Row MachineTRX Row Machine

TRX row machine allows you to squat deeper and better for longer period of time. In comparison with traditional cardio machine, the rowing component in the TRX row machine is much easier to perform especially for taller and bigger people.

12. Blast-off Pushup

Blast-off pushups are like adding a pushup to your leg press and it will bring your metabolism on high alert. It basically challenges your upper body and core muscles. For the best results, do it with any of the above mentioned lower body moves.

13. Skater JumpSkater Jump

Instead of moving your body from side to side, skater jumps moves your body from side to side. It helps strengthening the sides of hips, improves your energy and is less stressful on the knees. Mix this exercise with Box squat and Stepup jumps for best results.