Erexanol Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Erexanol Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Erexanol ReviewsErexanol reviews

Erexanol is a male enhancement gel created by M Labs, Inc. and widely distributed on the internet. The gel has a texture consistent with that of many personal lubricants and is designed to be used immediately before sexual activity. Erexanol is designed primarily to improve male sexual performance but also claims to improve sex for the female partners of men who use it.

Company Behind Erexanol

M Labs, the creator of Erexanol is a small, privately-held company based in Las Vegas, Nevada, a town known for stimulating sexual activity. In addition to Erexanol, M Labs also manufactures Xytomax, a popular male enhancement pill that claims similar benefits to the Erexanol gel.

Erexanol Claims

M Labs claims that Erexanol will…

  • Increase penis size
  • Enhance the stiffness of erections
  • Improve virility and drive
  • Stimulate sensation and increased pleasure
  • Result in greater female sexual satisfaction
  • Begin to work instantaneously after use

Erexanol Ingredients

Erexanol has four main active ingredients: L-Arginine, maca root, methyl nicotinate, and white nettle. L-Arginine is used to promote proper blood flow, increasing the size and stiffness of erections. Maca root is a super food loaded with vitamins that help balance hormones, stimulating the testosterone levels that create sexual arousal. Methyl nicotinate is another agent that improves circulation and has been proven effective at increasing blood flow to areas where it is applied topically. White nettle claims to stimulate nerve endings to increase sensation.

How Does Erexanol Work?

Erexanol works by stimulating blood flow to the area surrounding the penis. As men age, the circulation to this part of the body naturally declines, causing the sexual dysfunctions many men experience in the second half of their lives. Erexanol claims to stimulate vasodilatation and promote blood flow to that region just seconds after the gel is applied. Unfortunately, many users experience inconsistent results.

Erexanol Pros

Some pros of Erexanol use include…

  • Its fast-acting capabilities and easy application
  • Its wide availability through online distributors
  • Looks and feels like standard lubricants

Erexanol Cons

Some cons of Erexanol include…

  • Inconsistent performance
  • High retail price point
  • Methyl nicotinate can be hazardous to pregnant or nursing women

Erexanol Side Effects

Testing has revealed that Erexanol works in a largely inconsistent manner. Some men experience improvement in erectile function, penis size, and sexual satisfaction, while others see no results at all. It is possible the gains seen by some men are simply the result of the placebo effect.

Final Verdict

Some user gives the product an overall approval rating of 65%, which pales in comparison to the 80%+ satisfaction for other industry leading male enhancement supplements. This is not to say Erexanol is a scam, but it is simply not as consistent, effective, or trusted as other enhancement options. Erexanol does not have any recorded side effects for male users, but the risk of methyl nicotinate for women who may be pregnant should give pause to any man who is concerned for the health of his partner.