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EnhanceRX Review: Ingredients, Side Effects, Is it Safe?

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EnhanceRX Overview EnhanceRx review

EnhanceRX is a 100% natural formula specifically designed to increase blood flow to the male organ in order to increase libido and help men achieve a firmer, stronger and healthier erection. The formula triggers enlargement, which helps men last longer and perform better, leaving their partner feeling satisfied. The formula has been around for a few years with visible results for men who effectively use the product for 4-6 months.

Company behind EnhanceRX

The product is manufactured in FDA by Herbal health LLC. 419 W. 13th Ave. Denver, Co. 80204 USA. The company practices extreme safer methods to achieve a safe herbal enhancer.

EnhanceRX Claims

  • Help in erectile tissue widening and elongation giving a fuller erection
  • Helps in giving men longer, harder and bigger erections
  • Ranked number one and top rated male enhancement pill
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Contains natural ingredients that solve erectile dysfunction
  • Improves overall sexual performance

EnhanceRX Ingredients

The product contains L-Arginine HCL which helps in opening of blood vessels to allow for more blood flow to the penis. The second active ingredient is the Tribulus Terrestris which acts as a booster to testosterone levels in the body. The other ingredients are the Catuaba root, Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng, saw palmetto and Bioperine which as energy boosters.

How does EnhanceRX Work?

Basically, EnhanceRX is designed to increase blood flow to the male organ. To accomplish this, the formula opens the blood vessels of the penis and increases blood circulation which helps in expanding the chambers of the penis and allows for high volume of blood to be retained in the penis giving it a longer, firmer and healthier erection, with high performance in bed.

 EnhanceRX Pros

  • The formula contains 100% natural ingredients which are clinically proven to increase blood flow, and this significantly reduces any chance of side effects
  • The product has a website with important information offering confidential shipping and several customer reviews regarding the product.
  • The product comes with a 180 day money back guarantee

EnhanceRX Cons

  • The formula is expensive with a month’s supply going for about $57
  • Several people give lots of negative feedback and claim that it is not very effective
  • There are no doctor’s recommendation records to prove the safety of the product to users

EnhanceRX Results

People using this product experience increased sex drive and improved sexual performance. They are also entitled to a high libido for more pleasure.

Where to buy EnhanceRX?

The product is available through the official website and goes for $57 for one month supply. The company also offers a 180 days money back guarantee for two opened or any unopened bottles that failed to satisfy the customer’s expectations.

Is EnhanceRX a scam?

According to the manufacturer, the formula is proven to increase blood flow to the male organ and when erections occur the erectile tissue chambers are filled with blood. The product has an official website for clients who want to raise a dispute and offers 180 days money back guarantee meaning their product is genuine.

EnhanceRX Side effects

The product has no known side effects except one which is according to the feedback given by a customer who claimed a gastric disturbance after taking the formula. However, it is important to note that this side effect goes after the body adjusts to the product. Apart from this one side effect, the product has no other known serious side effects.

Final Verdict

EnhanceRX is a male enhancement pill which contains 100% natural ingredients that are clinically proven. Along with this, the product has a money-back guarantee. Although the product ranks high, it still has some weaknesses such as there is no evidence regarding its effectiveness or clinical testing for safety. Lastly the product has several negative reviews and feedback from customers who has used it claiming it is not very effective.

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