ENGN Shred Review: Does it Work? Side Effects, Scam, Results

ENGN Shred Review: Does it Work? Side Effects, Scam, Results

ENGN Shred ReviewENGN Shred

The product ENGN Shred is a type of pre-workout supplement that is especially designed for enhancing the workouts, i.e., pre-training warmup which includes more mental focus, warmth, supposedly better muscle performance, longer endurance time and better blood flow. It also aids in fat loss goals along the workout and comes in a wide array of flavors.

Company behind ENGN Shred

The company that invented this product and produces it is EVLution Nutrition. Apart from this pre-workout product, they produce other supplements for such purposes as well. However, the rating of this company is merely a 7.

ENGN Shred Claims
  • This pre-workout product supports cognitive work
  • It boosts the blood flow as well as mood
  • The container has 30 servings
  • Supports performance, melting of fat and speeding metabolism
  • Contains specific ingredients that work best with a proper diet

ENGN Shred Ingredients

This item contains CLA, L-Carnitine and L-Tartrate, Coleus Extract, Yohimbe bark extract, Capsimax, Huperzine A, Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine, Caffeine, Choline Bitartrate, L-Tyrosine, Beta Alanine, Agmatine Sulfate, Betaine, Niacin, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6. Some may be useful for our bodies, but not all are useful by themselves and work with the rest in synergy.

How does ENGN Shred Work?

This product is designed to increase your energy, improve the stamina, bulk up the muscles while working out and speeding up the fat loss. There are certain jitters noted by users, as with other such supplements as well. It works on increasing the pump strength by boosting instant energy (which might not be the healthiest thing). Lastly, it decreases appetite which is another hot topic.

ENGN Shred Pros

  • Boosting the energy levels instantly, warming up the body fast, wakens up and curbs appetite
  • Enhances stamina, mental focus as well as physical performance strength
  • Comes in many flavors to choose from: Blue Raz, Cherry Limeade, Fruit Punch, Furious Grape, Green Apple and Pink Lemonade

ENGN Shred Cons

  • Not a fit product for every person (depending on workouts, body weight or fitness goals, medical issues, etc.)
  • Does not provide the magnificent pump boost most users swear by
  • It is composed of proprietary blends and items
  • Cannot be taken in double servings
  • It lacks vital nutrients

ENGN Shred Results

There is little energy prior the workout, warming up, adds stamina during the lifting and helps in weight loss, but in a minor way.

Where to buy ENGN Shred?

This product can be purchased from Amazon for almost $30. Also, it can be bought from sites such as bodybuilding.com. another option is directly from the official site of EVLution. Other purchase sources are iHerb, and on eBay as well.

Is ENGN Shred a Scam?

Since this is an artificial product, it is obvious that it will have undesirable things along. It might not be a scam all the way, however it is not the perfect product.

It lacks vital items that better products have for pre-workout warm up. Health-wise, and its rank is a 7 out of a 10.

ENGN Shred Side effects

The side effects include: frequent cramping on some body parts, frequent jitters due to the caffeine, overall cramps, diarrhea (due to Huperzine and Yohimbe).

Another unpleasant side effect is the fishy smell in the sweat and breath (due to the Betaine and Choline), hypertension (due to Yohimbe and Huperzine).

Final Verdict

In conclusion, keep in mind this is a product with chemicals and artificial ingredients. Regardless what is your desired effect in the end, it might not come out as perfect as you expected.

It is advisable to consult a medical expert prior purchasing this item, since it may not be fit for each person (due to age, height and weight, health problems or workout types).

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