Energize Greens ReviewsEnergize Greens reviews

As we all strive to maintain optimal health we reach out to new products that promise wonderful results. One of these is Energize Greens. One thing is for sure, their marketing is effective and there is no shortage of customers glowing reviews. So how do you decide? In some cases it requires deep research.

Company Behind Energize Greens

Energize Greens is manufactured and sold by Holistic Labs Ltd. A cursory investigation will lead you to believe they are located in the British Virgin Islands. Upon closer inspection you will find that they are actually in Singapore. Does it give you a different impression knowing they are on a little island in Southeast Asia?

Energize Greens Claims

Holistic Labs primary claims for Energize Greens are:

  • It will instantly alkalize your body
  • You will feel energized all day
  • It will boost your immune system
  • Combines 25 nutrient-dense green “superfoods”

Energize Greens Ingredients

Let’s talk about the ingredients first:

It does contain a lot ingredients including Spirulina, Barley Grass, Alfalfa, Wheat Grass, Wheat, Chlorella, Beet juice, Brown rice bran, Bee pollen, Spinach, Parsley and a host of others in varying amounts. Apparently they throw in some Vitamin A, C and E along with Calcium and Iron.

How Does Energize Greens Work?

With all that it must work correct? In order to prove that we must look to the experts. If you are endowed with enough free time you can look at the “studies” on their website. Of the ten provided 6 are from NCBI and one is even by our own N.A.S.A. that does not actually address the health benefits of spirulina but rather the optimal growth conditions for producing the optimum amount of it.

The NCBI is the National Center for Biotechnical Information which is hub where almost anyone can submit “factual studies”. After all is said and done there has been no clinical trials of the product and no independent studies of the formula itself.

Energize Greens Pros

  • It’s easy to prepare
  • It does contain ingredients that your body can use
  • It probably won’t hurt you to take it

Energize Greens Cons

  • There is no guarantee it will do what it says
  • It is extremely costly
  • There is one independent study from a doctor that says the claim of alkalizing your body is false.

Energize Greens Results

Aside from the advertisements in the form of glowing reviews in which many lead you directly to the site with a “BUY NOW” button, there is no evidence this will be money well spent at $75 per month.

Where to Buy Energize Greens?

You can only buy Energize Greens from their website. Many of the customers who sought to re-purchase, believing it was doing something were told they were “out of stock”.

Is Energize Greens a scam?

Scam may be too harsh a word, after all they do deliver a product with all the ingredients they claim. Whether they work as they “intend” them to is something else altogether. It appears they found a source of these powders, threw them together and blazed a marketing path to your front door.

Energize Greens Side Effects

The customer reviews are inconclusive based on health conditions however, there must be a reason the warning label advises not to give to children under 18, don’t use if pregnant or nursing and check with your Dr. if you are taking any prescription drugs or have any pre-existing medical conditions. That covers most of us, right? So add that doctor visit tab to the already expensive of the product.

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