EFA Lean Gold Review: Does it Work? Side Effects, Scam, Results

EFA Lean Gold Review: Does it Work? Side Effects, Scam, Results

EFA Lean Gold ReviewsEFA Lean Gold

EFA Lean Gold is a product that claims promotes fat loss in the body. It also provides the body with essential fatty acids hence the acronym EFA. The product is said to tone muscle in the body while promoting the loss of excess fats. It is supposedly very helpful to dieters.

Company Behind EFA Lean Gold

The company behind this product is Labrada. This is a company which does third party lab testing on sports products before selling them to the public.

EFA Lean Gold Claims

The claims made by the manufacturer are:

  • It promotes better health.
  • Tones the muscles in your body.
  • Promote higher levels of energy in the body
  • You would have to use no less than five products to get what it offers in one.

EFA Lean Gold Ingredients

The ingredients contained in the product are:

  • Omega 3,6 and 9. They help in recovery from exhaustion,promote production of haemoglobin, prevent cardio-vascular disease, reduce fat in the waist area, prevent and fight inflammation and also promote good bone health.
  • Vitamin E. It is an anti-oxidant, repairs skin that is damaged, prevents development of diseases, balances cholesterol levels in the body, prevents diseases of the blood vessels and the heart and it also balances hormones.
How Does EFA Lean Gold Work?

This product helps the body reduce excess fats by increasing the rate at which the body burns and metabolizes these already stored fats in the body. This helps your body become lean and with an increase in energy you can tone your muscles without losing any essential fats. The product also claims to increases energy levels in the body while reducing fatigue thus increasing work out time.

EFA Lean Gold Pros

The pros of using this product:

  • The product has no after taste.
  • The EFA lean gold promises loss of fat in the body.
  • The product also tones the muscles in your body to give you a lean physique.

EFA Lean Gold Cons

The cons of using this product:

  • The company does not give much information on the ingredients in the product.
  • The product also gives very far fetched ideologies on the benefits it gives the buyer.
  • The product lumps all the three fats together in one pill.
  • The product is also quite costly.

EFA Lean Gold Results

The results of using this product are less fat around your waist, toned muscles in your body, an increased metabolism, and also generally better bodily health.

Where to buy EFA Lean Gold?

This product can be bought on Amazon for 27 $. The product can also be bought online on the official Labrada site for 26.45$.
The price of this product is quite costly and because of minimal advertising of the ingredients you can not be too sure if it will give you results and therefore not a very good value for money.

Is EFA Lean Gold a Scam?

This product is most likely a scam. This is because it promises to give results without stressing the importance of a legitimate plan for working out. The product is also very doubtful because it claims to tackle very many bodily problems with just one pill. It also costs alot of money compared to other fat burners and yet has less more available ingredients.

EFA Lean Gold Side Effects

Some of the side effects associated with consuming this supplement include bloating, nausea and indigestion. Various sources also say that long term use of the supplement could lead to heart disease despite the previous claim of the company to provide better heart function.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the best option for anyone out there looking for a suitable method to lose weight is good old exercise. This is the best and the natural way to improve bodily functions and get rid of excess fats without risking your body and potentially causing harm to it. I would not recommend the purchase of this product.

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