How to Lose Weight by Yoga: Does Yoga Help you Lose Weight?

How to Lose Weight by Yoga: Does Yoga Help you Lose Weight?

benefits of Yoga for weight lossDoes Yoga Help you Lose Weight?

Yoga is a renowned stress buster and also one of the most effective workouts to fight the stubborn fat stores especially the one which crop up post 40 years. You can use yoga for weight loss since studies show that it lowers the levels of stress hormones and increases the insulin sensitivity which signals to your body to burn food as fuel instead of storing it as a fat. Here’s a take on what experts say about yoga for weight loss.

How Yoga Can Help you for Weight Loss?

  • Start at any size:

    Yoga is simply not for show ponies prancing around in their Lulus. You need a regular practice as every yogi had to start somewhere and get past the utterly distraction. However, the most unavoidable self-consciousness which comes is getting started on the mat.

  • Wear whatever you want:

    No need to squeeze into compression bra top or leggings to do asanas. A t-shirt and any bottoms will allow free movement and that is fine as long as you are comfortable with how you feel wearing whatever you want.

  • Good teachers matter:

    Finding a competent, versatile teacher is vital since you want an instructor who will make you feel welcome and make time to show you the modifications.

  • Don’t obsess about what others may think:

    Do not worry what other people will think about you since nobody is going to look twice.

  • There’s no such thing as being bad at yoga:

    You don’t have to practice a yoga pose exactly like the person next to you and it’s absolutely fine to rest in Child’s pose at any point during the class.

  • Show up:

    Yoga teachers always say that the hardest move in yoga is getting onto your mat the first place and once you are in class this tough part is over.

  • Find your own flow

    Try lots of different styles of yoga and end up with one which you feel like you need something as invigorating. Your friends may find you crazy but you should find your own flow so that you love doing it.

Work out at a Glance

The following yoga poses for weight loss will do the firming up of your arms, butts, abs and legs. Check the work out at a glance and get the weight loss results in as little as three weeks. You need a yoga mat or a carpeted space. Follow the routine at least three times a week. Hold each move one time for about three to five breaths. Begin with the main move for every exercise and make the easier variation for the ones that are too tough. If it’s not challenging then try making it a harder option. To get faster results, hold each pose for five to eight breaths and increase the repetition by two to three.

The most common work out includes hover which firms up the arms, abs, shoulder and back. Then there is chair which will firm the butt and thighs. This is followed by rocking that helps to firm your abs and back. Next is the willow that helps to firm up the sides of your abs. Finally, the crescent  which is a workout that helps to firm the abs, thighs and hips.

Wrap Up

As per research, yoga can stop the middle age spread by helping with weight loss. It makes you more aware of your body by making you feel when full and you can easily avoid eating out of stress or boredom. It teaches self-awareness by trimming and toning your body and work on your mind and spirit to help you make healthier eating choices and reduce mindless eating. Read more: Benefits of Yoga For Weight Loss