Dianabol Side Effects

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More and more athletes are using steroids to help them improve their performance in sports, and even though the use of steroids is monitored in many competitions, this has not prevented athletes from abusing drugs like Dianabol.

Dianabol is a steroid that is used orally to help increase protein metabolism. It helps in building up proteins in the body and is thus used to help create muscle mass. It is an extremely powerful steroid, both in the anabolic and the androgenic terms, and has very quick results when building up muscle mass and strength in a short period of time.

Dianabol is commonly used with inject-able testosterone products, like sustanon, to help jumpstart the muscle building process in a body while the testosterone injections help build up long term strength. It can lead to a weight gain of about two to four pounds per week, for duration of six weeks. This is caused by the growth in muscles as well as the water retention. Dianabol has high estrogenic properties, which is what leads to water retention and because of this you should have anti-estrogenic medicines on hand to prevent this from becoming something serious. It is not recommended, due to the water retention, to use Dianabol very close to competitions as the water retention hinders performance.

Dianabol, like all steroids, also have a lot of disadvantages. The first one is caused by its estrogenic properties, which causes liver toxicity when the medicine is abused. There is a huge damage on the liver when the body is being given this drug, and thus it is imperative to keep low dosages, like fifteen to twenty milligrams on a daily basis. After the use of Dianabol is ceased, the liver should recover as long as the dosages were kept in the recommended range.

Since Dianabol causes both the fast muscle build up as well as water retention, it can also initiate hypertension and heart rate increases. Occasionally, in severe cases, it is required to give an antihypertensive medicine to the person using Dianabol.

Due to the estrogenic properties of the drug, it can make male athletes to develop unusually large mammary glands. It can also cause an eruption of acne on the body, since the drug fires up the sebaceous gland. It can also accelerate hair loss in the person taking the medicine.

It is important to drink a lot of water while on this drug as it will help the organs metabolise the drug better. Taking less water can lead to pains and headaches. It is recommended that you take about one or two gallons of water a day.

Like all steroids, the administration of Dianabol is examined, especially in competitive games. Since this is a presentation boosting drug, and leaves users sense happier, it can lead to over-use from time to time, and it is important to take these only under the supervision of a trained person. It is also unavoidable to have anti-estrogenic medicines on hand to battle the side-effects caused by the estrogenic properties in this medicine.

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