DecaBolin Review: Does it Work? Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients

DecaBolin Review: Does it Work? Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients

DecaBolin ReviewsDecaBolin

Gaining body muscle is hard; you have to put in a lot of hours at the gym and strictly comply with a nutritious diet. And that’s where bodybuilding supplements come in; they help ease that gruesome journey that working out can be.

While there are a number of products that do get the job done, there are others that fail flat and are an outright effort to swindle customers out of their hard-earned money.

Today we shall be taking a look at DecaBolin to determine exactly which category this supplement falls into:

Company behind DecaBolin

DecaBolin is one of the products in the long list of brands by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, a company based primarily in the United States in Norcross city. While the institution has quite a number of successful brands under its belt, DecaBolin seems destined for failure going by customer reviews.

DecaBolin Claims

What the product claims to do,
Every product on the market assures clients of getting certain results, however, as often is the case, especially in this one, it seems merely like the stuff of imagination and corn artists.

Here’s what DecaBolin purports to do:

  • Increases overall strength leading to improved productivity
  • Catalyses the development of lean yet hard muscle tissues, a fundamental process for a rigorous mass building cycle.
  • DecaBolin compliments prohormones to a tee making it an excellent choice for stacking.
  • Strength and mass gains are achieved without any water retention.

DecaBolin Ingredients

DecaBolin encompasses the following ingredients: magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, hydroxypropyl beta-cyclodextrin, photosphatidylcholin, phytosterois and silica.

Most of which can be found in ordinary food so there’s nothing extremely special about this concoction. To save face, Hi-Tech has attributed the supplement’s powers to a 17-one decanoate compound.

How does DecaBolin work?

DecaBolin achieves its core objectives through a variety of ways. First, it speeds up the repair of muscles damage during workouts thereby effectively lessening the protein synthesis period.

Also, it builds up the body’s nitrogen retention capabilities keeping in mind that nitrogen works hand in hand to build muscle mass alongside proteins. To improve strength, the product increases red blood cells count to deliver more oxygen to respiring muscle cells.

DecaBolin Pros

  • It is free of harmful toxins as it is non-methylated making it harmless to the liver and other vital body organs.
  • Easily absorbed into the bloodstream due to the underlying cyclosome technology the product implores
  • Leads to the development of stronger bones

DecaBolin Cons

DecaBolin promises to do a lot of things however here’s the other side of the drug they don’t want you to know about:

  • It affects sperm count, i.e. lowers it, resulting in decreased fertility.
  • Well, it stimulates excessive growth of the male breasts or “man boobs” if you will.
  • It can lead to the contraction of acne, particularly back and facial acne.
  • DecaBolin can lead to erectile dysfunction
  • It can be cause for an upset stomach.

DecaBolin Results

Well, if you are basing your assessment on the pictures of beefed-up shirtless men on the cover of the bottle, then you’ve got another thing coming. As is the norm with DecaBolin, the muscular models are hired to pose for the camera and their muscle gains have nothing to do with the product whatsoever. They are merely actors looking to earn their keep by saying and doing whatever the company requires of them.

Where to buy DecaBolin?

If despite the glaring red flags, you still want to quench the curiosity that so killed the cat, then DecaBolin can be found on the official website of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Inc. However, I assure you one thing: you’ll curse the day you laid hands on it. So save yourself the trouble of nasty side effects and stay clear of DecaBolin.

Is DecaBolin a Scam?

DecaBolin is not available on Amazon, and anything that isn’t Amazon approved is most certainly hiding something. Also, credible success stories of past users are hard to come by, that is if they exist at all.

All these, compounded by the fact that the company is always advertising the prohormone as ’Out of stock’, a marketing strategy of unscrupulous entities, are eerie warning signs. So yes, it’s got all the makings of a scam project.

DecaBolin Side Effects

DecaBolin has a lot of side effects, all of which arise from one key hormone that the supplement affects: testosterone. Continued use can lead to diminished levels of testosterone in the bloodstream up to dangerously low levels.

So much so that it can lead to a condition known as muscle wasting which is in fact quite the opposite of what the drug claims to do.

Final Verdict

DecaBolin is just another one of those products that promise heaven but deliver utter mediocrity; it’s all talk but no go. If anything, the supplement could do your body more harm than good so stick to trusted and truly proven brands.

In a nutshell, avoid it like the plague; it most certainly won’t do you any good.

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