Danabol DS Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Danabol DS Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Danabol DS ReviewDanabol DS

Danabol DS is an orally ingested anabolic steroid. It is a non-prescription steroid originally created by Dr. John Ziegler for the athletes. It has since gained popularity for bodybuilding purposes. Danabol DS is chemically known as Methandrostenolone.

This compound has been altered to pass through the liver and into the bloodstream. It is toxic to the liver and causes damages.

Danabol DS Company

The oral steroid is manufactured by Body Research. Dianabol DS was first created by Dr. John Ziegler to boost the performance of the US athletes. The sale and use of the steroid are illegal in some jurisdictions.

Danabol DS Claims

Danabol DS is claimed to increase the body lean mass. This is the body weight less that of fats. Secondly, the use of the steroid is claimed to boost glycogenolysis. This is the breakdown of glycogen into glucose.

The uptake of carbohydrates is therefore boosted to increase muscle mass and strength.

Danabol DS Ingredients

The primary ingredients of Danabol DS are Whey protein concentrate. This active ingredient is vital in protein metabolism. Tribulus Terrestris is obtained from a plant.

It boosts strength and energy. Valine, Isoleucine, and Leucine are the other active ingredients of Danabol DS. The three are essential in protein synthesis which is the major function of the steroid.

How does Danabol DS Work?

Danabol DS is orally ingested as a non-prescription steroid. It has a half-life of 5 hours. This is the time it takes to cut its concentration by half in the bloodstreams. Danabol can be taken from 10 mg to 100 mg depending on the intended results.

In its functionality, the steroid enables the body to retain nitrogen which is key in increasing the lean body mass. Early users should take small dosage because of its side effects.

Danabol DS Pros

  • Increase in body lean mass
  • Fast uptake, ideal for body bulking
  • Causes a reduction in calory uptake
  • Increases strength and body power
  • Effective compared to other steroids
Danabol DS Cons
  • Danabol DS is toxic to the liver
  • It affects the blood pressure – should not be taken by those with high blood pressure
  • It causes Gynecomastia – the enlargement of male breast tissues caused by the imbalance in testosterone and estrogen hormones.
  • Its use may cause aggression
  • Acne on the skin
  • Affects the level of testosterone.
Danabol DS Results

Danabol DS increases the lean body mass. It boosts glycogenesis which is the breakdown of glycogen to glucose. As an oral steroid, it, therefore, boosts the uptake of carbohydrates in the body.

The second effect of Danabol DS is that it limits calories in the body. 10 mg-100 mg can be taken depending on the intended results. Blood tests should be taken regularly to check on the side effects of the steroid.

Where to buy Danabol DS?

Danabol DS can be bought from the various reputable suppliers. Holland and Barret is one of the suppliers. Amazon.com and GNC in the US also sell this steroid.

However, care should be taken not to buy counterfeits which are fake and risky.

Is Danabol DS a scam?

Danabol DS is an effective orally ingested non-prescription steroid. Its use is illegal in some jurisdiction while legal in others. It is an effective steroid which was originally created for athletes in the US.

The steroid has since become popular with the bodybuilders.

Danabol DS Side effects

Danabol DS is toxic to the liver and causes damages in the long-run. The other side effect of the drug is the effect on the blood pressure. People who have high blood pressure should not use Danabol DS.

The other side effect is the suppression of testosterone hormone in the body. Gynecomastia, acne, aggression are the other side effects of Danabol DS. These should be closely monitored and the steroid should be taken in the proper dosage.

Final Verdict

Those who are beginning to take Danabol DS should do so in a limited dosage. This is important so as to allow time to monitor its side effects. The steroid has effects on the hormonal balance, blood pressure and causes aggression among the user.

It is legal in some countries while in others it may be illegal to use or sell the steroid. It is effective in boosting lean body mass and increases strength. Other side effects associated with Danabol DS include Gynecomastia. [dianabol]