Cystex Plus Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Cystex Plus Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Cystex Plus

Cystex Plus Reviews

Cystex plus is a pain reliever which relieves the pain in urinary system, along with pain reliever it also gives antibacterial protection.

Due to certain disease or infection our urinary track start paining with burning sensation. This pain may arise due to various serious disease including cancer,or due to just a minor infection.

Cystex plus dosage stop the propagation of infection. Sometimes due to course of time the propagation increases from unitary system to kidney. So by following these pills one can stop its growth temporally until the visit of a doctor.
Its whole course contain 40 tablet.

Company Behind Cystex Plus

DSE health care solution is a certified drug manufacturing firm famous for its cheap but effective medicines. Cystex plus is one of the product of DSE health care solution.
The DSE health care solution ensures the quality purity and potency to the consumers.

Cystex Plus Claims

The company further claims it to be an antibacterial and analgesic as it contains methenamine and sodium salicylate, both ingredients gives it a double action formula to fight with infection as well as disease.

Cystex Plus Ingredients

The other ingredients includes:

  • Benzoic acid: It acidify urine
  • Cellulose: It helps in coating the infected skin. Sometimes coating is required to stop the burning pain inside.
  • Croscarmellos sodium: It act as stabilizer, it stabilizes the effect of other ingredients.
  • Edible black ink: It is color additives.
  • Magnesium stearate: Its plays role during the manufacturing of tablet by prevention of sticking of powder to the container.
  • Stearic acid: Similarly stearic acid is also used which act as a lubricant and binder of tablet.

Let’s look at the pros and come of this drugs.

Cystex Plus Pros

  • It gives relieve from pain and burning sensation inside, particularly the burning sensation during urinating.
  • It prevent the spread of infection from one organ to other,
  • Unlike the most of medicines it doesn’t change the color of urine.

Cystex Plus Cons

  • Cystex plus comes with a course of dosages like a course of 40 tablets, so it is convenient for the consumer who wants to buy loose pieces or who wants to try few tablets to check its effectiveness. So basically this criteria eliminates a big crowd.
  • Cystex plus act as a pain reliever and stops the spread of infection for few days. So its work is temporary as it is not a medicine which permanently cure the disease.
  • It comes with side effect of heartburn and stomach aching

Cystex Plus Results

So summarizing it as a pain reliever which relieves the pain arose due to urinary track infection. It is not a very costly tablet to buy.

Where to buy Cystex Plus?

It can be bought from many retail store nation wide as well as online on retail website like eBay , amazon etc.

Final Verdict

Medicine expert never recommended this tablets because of its heavy dosage course.
It is also not so famous among their discussion.

  • As it is made up of various ingredients some may be allergic to some people.
  • It is basically used in urinary track infection and well know Urinary track infection is a major disease among physician. So it should be cured with more care.
  • It has side effect like stomach pain and heart burn.

Overall if you have urinary track infection you should immediately consult to doctors and should never consume such tablets.