Cognishield Review: Trial Offer, Side Effects, Ingredients, Is it Safe?

Cognishield Review: Trial Offer, Side Effects, Ingredients, Is it Safe?


Cognishield Reviews

Cognishield is a supplement that is said to enhance memory and improves one or more aspects of mental function. Nootropics are believed to enhance memory and learning effects, enhance the efficiency of the brain, for example speed of thinking and performing duties and bring improved focus. It’s also claimed to reverse Alzheimer symptoms.

Company Behind Cognishield

The company behind Cognishield production is little known and it is claimed that the nootropic product is made in the United States in a-FDA registered facility while the ingredients are claimed to be tested and verified by a GMP-certified third party laboratory.

Cognishield Claims

The claims made by the manufacturer on Cognishield are;

  • Improve the recall-ability of the brain and the memory processing
  • Guard against chemical brain assault
  • Raise both the mechanical and the operational ability of the brain
  • Increase the ability to memorize things and behaviors during brain traumas

Cognishield Ingredients

The ingredients making Cognishield are;

  • Piracetam –this ingredient prevents blood clotting and hence is used to prevent clotting in the brain, which can cause great defects.
  • Noopept – the main work of this ingredient is to boost the functioning of the neurons and other transmitters
  • Choline – it’s considered as an essential brain nutrient. This ingredient boosts the production of a neurotransmitter identified as Acetylcholine which is responsible for mental clarity, memory and the formation of connections between different neurons.
  • L-Theanine –it keeps your brain active and alert and has a relaxing effect on the brain.

How does Cognishield Work?

Cognishield is a Nootropic supplement whose work is to boost the brain output. It does this by maintaining the health of the brain cell, hence making the brain satisfied, relaxed and stress free. It also prevents mental diseases by increasing neurotransmitter production and by increasing the strength of connection between neurons. Cognishield also works by preventing blood clot in the brain, which would cause severe effects.

Cognishield Pros

Cognishield pros include;

  • Cognishield is the only product that claims to treat Alzheimer disease and no other known product has that claim.
  • The supplement manufacturers give a 60-day money back guarantee, hence ensure no money is wasted in case the product doesn’t work.
  • There is enough information on each ingredient and they are said to work quickly hence offering optimum results

Cognishield Cons

Cognishield cons include;

  • There is no important information available on the company making the supplement.
  • There is no dosage listing hence no enough information on dosage.
  • The products not available on Amazon, hence there is a lack of customer testimonials
  • The supplement is expensive
  • According to the site, there are research studies performed, but this has not been verified by state departments.

Is Cognishield Safe?

Cognishield is not as effective as the manufacturer claims. Many users have shown dissatisfaction with the product and the advertised results are often not true.

Where to buy Cognishield?

Cognishield can be bought online from their official website. It’s impossible to purchase Cognishield from other websites like Amazon or e-bay as the manufacturer has not provided for this option.

Cognishield Trial Offer

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Is Cognishield a Scam?

Cognishield is a scam since it doesn’t offer what is advertised. Cognishield, like other Nootropics supplements have severe side effects like addiction after usage over a long period hence leading to cognitive deficit. Most users have also expressed their dissatisfaction with the supplement hence qualifying it as a scam.

Cognishield Side Effects

Cognishield side effects include cognitive deficits and memory impairment. When used in large dosage and over a long period of time, Cognishield have shown severe effects which include addiction and hence leading to cognitive deficit. Over-usage has also been claimed to cause memory impairment.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, we can see that Cognishield is not as effective as claimed and one should be careful when taking it to avoid severe side effects. It’s also important to compare it with other Nootropic supplement before settling to use it. Care should also be taken by those people who are allergic to its ingredients. Click here to buy Cognishield