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To bolster one’s performance in bed, there have been several companies and health experts who claim that their products can help men gain muscle and elongate the penis size or increase their stamina during sex. Most of these products are scams and these imposters lure buyers into buying them. Is Cianix one of them? Let’s find out.

Company Behind Cianix

Cianix male enhancement is a privately held company in New York, whose sole notion is to sell their supplement and grow their business.

Cianix Claims

  • Age is not a barrier so anyone can take this supplement.
  • Enlarged penis size.
  • Fat reduction and muscle enhancement, which will help you hit the gym hard and tone your muscle fibers.
  • Greater satisfaction during intercourse.
  • Improved stamina.

Cianix Ingredients

Cianix includes natural ingredients along with chemicals; L-arginine is used heavily in this supplement which in turn produces more nitric oxide. TribulusTerrestris is used to enhance sexual performance and garners no side-effect. Antioxidants are used to stabilize the body mechanism without disturbing cell-transformation. Ginseng extract is a natural ingredient that strengthens the testosterone level along with Fenugreek extract.

How does Cianix Work?

Cianix targets your energy level and stamina and blatantly put, this can be seen as a hardcore muscle supplement. Shredded physique and robust energy are its main objectives. Due to above mentioned natural ingredients, it strengthens sexual performance and provides satisfaction. It boosts the testosterone level and stimulates blood flow to the penis.

Cianix Pros

  • It is fairly cheap compared to others.
  • Can be used as a mass gainer and bodybuilding supplement.

Cianix Cons

  • They falsely claim that they use natural ingredients.
  • Dosage is not clear; i.e. proper guidance is not provided and extra intake might be harmful.
  • Excessive mass gain and unwanted bulkiness.
  • Ineffective when it comes to stamina enhancement.

Cianix Results

Many have gone through insignificant changes and felt no serious change during intercourse.

Where to buy Cianix?

It is a web exclusive product, hence you cannot get it from a retail store. You need to order it via online and it will be delivered to you within 5 working days; you can also choose for a free sample which will only cost you the delivery charge of $4.50. Click here to order.

Cianix Trial Offer

To get the trial offer click here.

Is Cianix a Scam?

It can be as results have not been encouraging at all and the customer executives tend to hang up consumer calls to avoid complaints. Even with the free samples; people cannot place their faith in them.

Cianix Side Effects

Many men have experienced a burning sensation in their penis which has hampered their sex life as well as normal bathroom routines. No such enhancement in penis size is seen, aged people have gone through days of dizziness and nausea after the intake of this supplement. It is a big no for elder people.

Final Verdict

To be honest, do not go for this product; there are more natural ways which can improve your sex life. For stamina, it is a waste of money and time. There are better supplements in the market that will enhance your physique without any side-effects.

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