Caltrate 600 D Review: Does It Really Work?

Caltrate 600 D Review: Does It Really Work?

What is Caltrate 600 D?Caltrate 600 d review

The importance of calcium in the body of an individual is paramount because it is instrumental in the robustness and durability of the bones of the human skeleton. Caltrate 600d is primarily manufactured and launched in the market to cater to those customers who have a deficiency of Vitamin D3 which in turn is crucial for the absorption of calcium in the human body.

Company Behind Caltrate 600 D:

The company behind the launch of the product is Pfizer which is one of the leading and the most reputed players in the pharmaceutical industry. Pfizer has launched six variants of Caltrate products.

Caltrate 600 D Claims:

The product Caltrate 600d, launched by Pfizer has claimed that it is one of its kind in terms of increasing the ability of the body to absorb calcium. It claims:-

  1. Aid Vitamin D3 deficiency
  2. Enhance the calcium absorption efficiency of the body

Caltrate 600 D Ingredients:

With the aim to help customers with a deficiency of calcium in their bones, Caltrate comes with a basic ingredient of calcium. Now, with the different variants of the products, there have been certain improvisers which are used. The Caltrate 600d contain Vitamin D3 in addition to calcium to help in the absorption of calcium. Other variants contain phosphorus, Magnesium, Cocoa, Glycerine etc.

How does Caltrate 600 D Work?

Each of the six variants of the Caltrate product contains calcium as well as Vitamin D3 which aids the absorption of calcium in the human body. Apart from that, all the Caltrate products also contain a proportion of Calcium carbonate which helps in increasing the robustness of the bones. However, customers are prescribed against overdose of calcium carbonate and therefore two capsules a day is optimum.

Caltrate 600 D Pros

There is many an advantage which enables customers to avail this product:-

  1. Launched by Pfizer which is brand in the pharma industry and with six variants
  2. Complete transparency of information in the official web site
  3. Customer reviews and positive testimonials in the official web site
  4. Can be obtained at an affordable pricing

Caltrate 600 D Cons

Although the product is available on online retailers, Caltrate 600d is not sold directly from the official web site which makes accessibility of the product a concern. Apart from that, there has been limited research and clinical facts to support the claims made by the manufacturer.

Also, the product contains calcium carbonate and therefore dosage needs to be closely monitored.

Where to Buy Caltrate 600 D?

The product is available on online retail outlets where in customers can place their orders. The product comes at an affordable price varying from 8 dollars to 22 dollars depending upon the number of capsules in the package ordered for.

Is Caltrate 600 D a Scam?

Being launched and manufactured by Pfizer which is a reputed and trusted brand and the fact that complete information on the product and related testimonials present in the web site proves the fact to a certain extent that it not a scam. However, customers must research the product sufficiently before opting for it.

Caltrate 600 D Side effects

Although the customer reviews and the testimonials that have been published in the official web site do not reveal of any side effects, but customers must be focused on the right dosage of the product. Overdose of calcium, and more importantly calcium carbonate could prove detrimental to the health of the person. Therefore, proper guidance from experts is advised before zeroing on the product.

Final Verdict

The easy availability of the product in various online retail stores, the brand name of Pfizer behind it as well as the positive testimonials and reviews of customers using the product do provide a positive sign about the reliability of the product. However, customers may find it useful to know more about proven researches and clinical tests in the field which certifies the product.

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