Calotren reviewsCalotren Reviews

The world is changing and diseases are coming up every single day, most of them being associated with excess weight. The best method for weight management has always been a combination of healthy diet, regular exercise and plenty of water intake. However, people want a shortcut and science has necessitated that by providing weight loss pills which work without the strenuous exercising and constant dieting. One of these such methods is the use of Calotren.

Calotren Manufacturer

Calotren was introduced into the weight loss market in the year 2001, from Top of The World Distributors Company. They manufacture it in two states, liquid and pill to consider their consumers.

Calotren Claims

The manufacturers promise that their collagen is manufactured from two sources only, beef or marine. They say that it has been processed from healthy cows that do not have the mad cow disease. They however, do not inform us of which scientific firm conducted all these safety tests and confirmed its safety. There is no scientific clinical evidence to back their story up.

Calotren Ingredients

Each capsule contains the following two active ingredients in the specified composition:

  • 3000mg Collagen complex is a protein that exists in tissue, used to assist the skin to maintain evenness when stretched. There is however a consumption warning by FDA since it is so complex with minor amino acids present for its breakdown.
  • 40mg ProHydrolase is an improved protein which aids in the growth and recovery of muscles. It contains more efficient amino acids which break down the proteins easily, making them digestible

How does Calotren Work?

The proteins in collagen complex are broken down with the help of the improved amino acids in ProHydrolase to form lean muscles that aid in provision of strength to encourage regular workouts in order to burn fat.

Calotren Pros

Calotren offers the following advantages:

  • It is a natural weight loss supplement, free from any caffeine or stimulants
  • It strengthens lean muscles
  • It provides you with increased energy for use during the workout sessions
  • It exists in both liquid and pill forms.

Calotren Cons

With many doubts surrounding its manufacture, Calotren has a couple of disadvantages. These are:

  • The manufacturers do not provide clear information on the specific ingredients used, especially the inactive ingredients present
  • The density and safety of collagen used in its manufacturing is not explained, thereby lacking the knowledge if it is digestible or not
  • Calotren does not suppress its user’s appetite, thereby making the weight loss process even more tedious. The company recommends another of their product for this cause.
  • It does not enhance metabolism in any way. They also have different supplements for this
  • It also does not get rid of hidden fats in some areas, thereby offering another of their products to handle this flaw

Calotren Results

The expected result of weight loss has not been evident for most of its consumers.

Where to buy Calotren?

The product can be ordered through Top of The World Distributors’ call number provided on their website or purchased from their headquarters in Tennessee, with their address provided on the website too.

Is Calotren a Scam?

The product is available in the market but it has clearly been used as a tool for marketing. Considering that it has been recommended to be used together with other products from the same manufacturers, we can say it does not meet its purpose.

Calotren Side effects

From the many extremely negative reviews on the internet, common ones include:

  • Insomnia and hyper – activity
  • General tiredness
  • Lack of weight loss
  • Lack of improvement on general body health

Final Verdict

The numerous negative customer reviews on Calotren and its efficiency shines a bright red on it. The manufacturers provide a limited time for money-back and a very expensive restocking fee. Why invest your money in a product that has not been clinically proven to perform its intended purpose with no clear money-back guarantee? It is not an advisable product for those expecting short term weight loss results.

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