C4 Original Review: Does it Work? Side Effects, Scam, Results

C4 Original Review: Does it Work? Side Effects, Scam, Results

C4 Original ReviewC4 Original

C4 Original is one of the most popular pre-workout supplement currently available in the market. It is a common name in gym clubs. C4 Original is used by thousands of athletics and bodybuilders as a pre-workout supplement before hitting the gym. It claims to go a long way in providing energy restoration before and after exercise.

Company Behind C4 Original

C4 Original was first launched in 2010 as a pre-workout supplement by Cellucor. Woodbolt Distribution LLC, the manufacturer of Cellucor C4 products, claims its product to be No. 1 in America for pre-workout supplements product range.

C4 Original Claims
  • Increased muscle growth while working out.
  • Enhanced fat metabolism rate.
  • Longer and intense workout.
  • Enormous energy surge.
  • Increased focus during the workout.
C4 Original Ingredients
  • Beta Alanine- It is product’s main ingredient and increases acidity and fatigue.
  • Creatine Nitrate- It increases intramuscular water retention and provides muscle fullness.
  • L-Arginine AKG- Increases nitric oxide levels for better flow of nutrients.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous- It is natural stimulants.
  • N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine- An amino acid that reduces stress levels and increases focus.
  • Various Vitamins- These contribute to the overall muscle buildup.

How does C4 Original Work?

The formula of C4 Original is pretty simple as compared to other Cellucor products. It has Beta Alanine to buffer the lactic acid and negative effects of the acidic environment caused due to low pH, Creatin in nitrate form, for fast absorption and utilization, Arginine AKG for the pump, and the explosive energy blend. This blend also contains caffeine and theacrine along with N-Acetyl-L-tyrosine.

C4 Original Pros

  • C4 Original comes in various flavors.
  • It comes with 30-Day money back guarantee.
  • Ingredients in C4 are scientifically proven to increase energy levels before the workout.

C4 Original Cons

  •  C4 Original is a really expensive as compared to other pre-workout supplementary products.
  • For bigger people, the quantity required is too much.
  • There are not much muscle building ingredients in C4.
  • The results are not quick. A proper intake routine is required for the results to show up.
  • Your body may or may not accept the supplement.

C4 Original Results

The result of the product varies hugely as per the body type. Many users have not even noticed any difference after using this product as a pre-workout supplement. This is not really an effective product.

Where to buy C4 Original?

You can buy it online from the official website,

Is C4 Original a Scam?

There are many fake pre-workout supplements available in the market. People blindly trust the commercials without verifying the actual efficacy of the product. This product claims to give the best results but it fails to provide them. So it is a scam.

C4 Original Side Effects

Ingredients used in C4 may or may not suit your body type. You might face side effect of using this product as a pre-workout supplement. Some unpleasant side effects include vomiting, jitters, cramps, headaches, flushed skin, itching, anxiety, high blood pressure, kidney damage, chest pain.

Final Verdict

It is yet another fake product in the Nutri-supplements market. They come up with new formulas every now and then, each of them being ineffective, Given its side effects, it is too risky to consume this product as a pre-workout supplement.

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