Britney Spears gains over 30 pounds

Britney Spears gains over 30 pounds

Singer Britney Spears has reportedly put on a lot of weight – nearly 13.5 kg. The singer is putting on clothes that make her look slimBritney-Spears-gains-over-30pounds-216x300
and using products that help her hide cellulite. “Britney has gained close to 30 pounds (approximately 13.5 kg), and she’s got a lot of cellulite on her legs and stomach. To disguise her belly onstage, she wears a one-piece leotard made out of a shaping material for a slimming effect,” quoted a source as saying. “Skin-colored tights cover her legs during her act, and she also likes to use tanning beds and spray tans to hide her cellulite, but it looks ridiculous,” added the source. The 32-year-old singer isn’t working out, and is instead gorging on junk food. “She loves McDonald’s and Taco Bell, and she’s eating tacos, corn bread and fried chicken. She also drinks Cokes and fatty frappuccinos from Starbucks,” said a source.