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Black Spider 25 is a dietary supplement that claims to help users lose weight. It’s marketed as being able to allow you to burn a lot of fat from your body without much effort. It says that you don’t even need to exercise much, just normal walking and other everyday motions are enough to lose fat under the influence of the pill.

Company Behind Black Spider 25

The pill is designed, manufactured and marketed by Cloma Pharma Laboratories. This isn’t their only unproven product on the market. They are also the ones behind the MethylDrene 25, Red Wasp 25 and Asia Black pills.

Black Spider 25 Claims

Cloma Pharma claims that the Black Spider 25 pill can:

• increase energy levels
• improve mood
• boost your body’s ability to burn fat
• enhance metabolism

Black Spider 25 Ingredients

The manufacturers claim that the ingredients used in the pill are natural and have been used for several years. It contains 25mg of Ephedrine as the main active ingredient, 265mg of caffeine and Aspirin. It’s important to note that Ephedrine is banned in the USA due to its potential harmful side-effects. Others ingredients that are found in the pill are White Willow Bark, Citrus Aurantium, Guarana, Yohimbe, Cayenne, Panax Ginseng, Bladderwrack, Green Tea, Ginger Root, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Chromium Picolinate and Kola Nut.

How does Black Spider 25 Work?

Ephedrine gives the pill its capability. Caffeine boosts ephedrine’s functioning multifold. Together they function as an ECA Stack of ephedrine, caffeine, and Aspirin. These types of ECA Stack pills boost metabolism through thermogenic support which means that they increase your body temperature. Cloma Pharma claims that its proprietary EPA blend is even more effective. The effects of caffeine are the first to be felt. It makes you alert and energetic.

Black Spider 25 Pros

  • The immediate boost of energy obtained after consuming the pill is great for before starting a workout.
  • It dilates blood vessels making it easier for blood to flow through your body and supply oxygen at an accelerated rate.
  • It enhances metabolism rate to quickly and effectively use the food resources of the body.

Black Spider 25 Cons

  • Ephedrine is a banned ingredient in the United States. All dietary supplements that contain it are illegal, including this one.
  • A variety of side-effects can be noticed with prolonged usage.
  • Users may feel a crash in energy levels after the initial caffeine rush wears off.
  • The cocktail of ingredients it contains can cause heart damage.

Black Spider 25 Results

While many users have noticed a boost in their ability to lose fat, all these observations are anecdotal and circumstantial. The pill is unproven.

Where to buy Black Spider 25?

There are a variety of sites online that sell the Black Spider 25 dietary supplement. The best place to buy from if you’re interested would be Cloma Pharma’s own site. They provide worldwide shipping, so non-US buyers can also buy the affordably priced pills.

Is Black Spider 25 a Scam?

While Cloma Pharma Laboratories is owned by a larger supplement company, they themselves are quite shady. They sell a variety of equally ineffective pills to take advantage of people’s laziness to fool them into buying their products. The Black Spider 25 is another such product made by them that is, simply put, too good to be true.

Black Spider 25 Side Effects

The Black Spider 25 pill can cause a wide variety of side effects due to the use of banned ingredient ephedrine and the copious amounts of caffeine. Users have reported shivering and anxiety after consuming the pill. In the long run, it can severely affect your central nervous system and cause a variety of complications with regards to your heart.

Final Verdict

The Black Spider 25 may seem like an easy way to lose weight but it is nothing more than a scam. The effective marketing by its manufacturers may make you believe otherwise, but don’t be fooled. It is ineffective at best, and deadly at worst. Given its mostly useless nature, you should avoid using it, especially considering the side effects.

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