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BioXgenic Review: Side Effects, Ingredients, Does it Really Work?

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BioXgenic Reviewbioxgenic-review

The Advancement of age, everyday problems and stress, sexual problems have become very common than many would think. Usually Men are more concerned about any decrease in their performance sexually, but the fact is, women are also affected by the stresses and concerns of their work and daily life. Therefore both partners find themselves suffering from low sex drive and a declining sex life. BioXgenic has a solution to both partners.

Company behind BioXgenic

M.D. Science Lab, LLC, The manufacture of BioXgenic, was started in 1999 with the aim of addressing the sexual dysfunctions that affects both men and women, and gives them a better quality of life packed with renewed energy and sexual vigor. With this in mind, the company, since its creation, has been manufacturing new sexual health products yearly that are made with natural ingredients, and with an affordable price tag.

BioXgenic Ingredients

BioXgenic contains four active ingredients acting as enhancers. These ingredients give both males and females increased energy and vigor that are to reawaken their passion for life. Below are the four ingredients:

  • Nature’s Desire: In women, they will be supposedly able to feel a sharper concentration on things, enhanced sexual longings, and tireless energy.
  • High Test: For men, the supplement aims to give muscle mass growth, added energy and vigor while looking after the prostate as a bonus.
  • Power Finish: This ingredients aims to give intense orgasms. ·· Bio-Hard: This ingredient aims to increase desire and to make sexual performance is long and vigorous.
  • Bio-Hard: This ingredient aims to increase desire and to make sexual performance is long and vigorous.

How does BioXgenic work?

The product is made up of four major and active ingredients which work as enhancers. The ingredients work to provide a man more energy and vitality something that stimulates a man’s sedentary sex life. Proprietary ingredient L-Arginine basically helps to elevate testosterone in the body and also helps to speed up recovery time.

BioXgenic Cost

The product comes in four supplement packs and is available in sample kits. All four of them cost $10.00 whereas a single pack cost $5.00.

BioXgenic Side effects

Ingesting one of the supplements according to what you want to achieve is fine but going out for great results is to combine two supplements in one dosage that is as per the manufacturers, they also claim the product is safe since it is made of natural ingredients. It is advisable, though, to follow the attached directions on the package for not only to make it safer for you, but also to get the desired effect as well.

BioXgenic Pros

  • It is scientifically tested to show no presence of stimulants
  • There are no reported side effects
  • It has a money back offer
  • The website has a very detailed information and is user friendly

BioXgenic Cons

  • Using the supplement has Unknown long term effects
  • Use with other prescribed medications May not be safe
  • There are no scientific studies to support effectiveness of the product

BioXgenic Warnings

According to the manufacturer, it may be different for every user. They have also advised that it might not be safe to use this product with medications for hypertension, prostate, and heart as they may be harmful. Consulting a doctor is vital before using the supplements. It is also stated that the supplements are not for curing or for preventing a disease. The products are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Final Verdict

The supplements address several sexual problems for both men and women using natural ingredients at a very affordable price. They also are used to solve one or more problems depending on every individual’s unique needs. However, their effectiveness is not yet to be proven.

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