Best 12 Diet Tips for 2017: New Year Diet Plan That Works!

Best 12 Diet Tips for 2017: New Year Diet Plan That Works!

Best 12 Diets for 2017Top 12 Diet Tips for New Year’s Resolutions

It is the time to make the New Year’s resolutions! Post holiday glut of heavy feasts and high calorie beverages, there is no surprise that losing weight and eating healthy will be at the top of your list. Simply making the diet related resolutions you should put the following diet tops into practice and stick with it as the New Year’s resolutions.

Eat a balanced diet

The healthiest and most body fat resistant diet contains of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Therefore outsmart the metabolism and conquer the diet plateau with virtue of protein in each meal. Combine it with the most complex carbohydrates and healthy fats such as flax, omega 3s and fatty fish. Read here Top 16 Protein Diet Plan: High Protein Diets For Weight Loss

Don’t underestimate your caloric intake

People underestimate the calories consumed and overestimate the calories burned through exercise programs. Talk with a registered dietician as well as personal trainer for determining the number of calories you need and expend reaching your diet related goals.

Diet with a buddy

Find a buddy having similar aspirations and set challenging goals for one another. It is good to surround yourself with others who follow a health promoting lifestyle since it will only motivate you.

Visualize yourself healthy

Pretend yourself as already the person of your dreams and forget the internal wishes and wanting to have dialogues. Act as if you already have ripped arms, shapely legs, the perfect butt and think you will become one.

Exercise before big meals

Before meal, perform workout irrespective of whether it is a holiday season or another celebratory reason to feast. Take a long, hard walk or run about an hour before eating to elevate your metabolism and help you digest your food more effectively. Read here the Top 13 Exercises to Burn Fat: Best fat Burning Exercises

Eat lighter after heavier meals

Do not panic or feel guilty even if your diet has gotten out of hand. You can make up for a feast of rich, higher fat foods with lighter, lower fat meals for the next couple of days and make up for the damage by picking up your physical activity for the next couple of days.

Eat foods low in calorie density

Eating foods high in water and low in fat such as veggies, fruits, lean meat, soup and a low fat diary are low in calorie density. It allows eating fulfilling portions of food thereby decrease the feeling of hunger and deprivation while reducing calories. Read here Low Carb Weight Loss Diet Plan: Top 20 Low Carb Diets Foods

Fiber up

Fiber and lean protein rich meal makes losing weight no big deal. It may take longer to lose weight but increases its chances to keep off. Fill up with veggies, fruits and whole grains- ensure to read package labels and find the foods with most fiber.


Detox programs can aid the long-term health, energy and weight loss as they help the body to get rid of toxins which compromise the immune system causing other mental and physical problems. Visit a professional to determine whether a short or long-term detox plan is right for you.

Have a healthy first course

Have a light starter course such as a salad or hot low fat soup, before diving into your entree as this will make you eat less. Ensure not to drown the salad in high fat dressings and avoid the heavy cream based soups.

Ditch your daily diet soda

Ditch the daily diet colas as they aren’t diet-friendly at all and may even be bad for your bones. Instead replace your calorie-free cola with fruit juice, tea or a glass of club soda infused with flavored syrup.

Eat with your senses

As mindless munching will derail the best diet therefore eat with all of your senses and make it an experience in pleasure. Once you start eating mindfully, ditch the foods you don’t really like and slowly savor the ones you do. The slower and more familiar you are to your meals, the greater the likelihood you’ll eat less.


Record not only what you eat but the circumstances that prompt you to eat and this will help break bad habits as you’ll begin to notice unhealthy patterns and thus figure out ways to change them. Moreover, you’ll see results quickly–even after a couple of weeks.