Best 15 Ways To Lose Christmas Weight

Best 15 Ways To Lose Christmas Weight

ways-to-lose-christmas-weightIt’s that time of the year again when the air is turning chillier, the nights and closing in and our thoughts are turning to that Christmas party outfit we’ll be wearing next month. If  the thought of squeezing into your outfit terrifies you, then you might be tempted to resort to a crash diet. Don’t let all the festivities to get into the way of weight loss.

Here are 15 best ways to lose Christmas Weight,

  1. Drink water:
    Drink sufficient water EDIt’s one of the oldest rules in the dieting book as drinking water really help you slim down. Next time you feel like snacking reach for the tap first. Sipping water can help you feel full and as per some experts you should down a glass before you eat a meal.
  2. Fend Off Emotional Eating: fend-off-emotional-eatingAlthough holidays are cheery but often they can be most stressful too. Avoid emotional eating by thinking about the future. This will help you consider the long-term health benefits and make you prefer healthier food no matter what your mood is.
  3. Choose Your Dinner Mates Wisely:
    Holidays are the best time to bond with friends with a shared meal. Go for it as long as your pals are eating with similarly health-minded.
  4. Set realistic diet goals:
    Ensure to set realistic goals which are ctually achievable since you can’t expect to get down to your target weight straight away. Aim for shedding one or two pounds a week as this will keep the pounds off if you slim down gradually.
  5. Count to 10:
    As per studies, the average cravings lasts for 10 minutes only. Therefore distract yourself by counting to 10 – and most probably you won’t cave in.
  6. DO get moving:
    The extent of your movement during the holidays may be limited to raising your fork, but it’s important to get moving now. Exercise will not only burns calories but also puts you in a positive mind-set, that can help you make smarter food choices.
  7. Stop drinking fruit juice:
    Cut the intake of fruit juices- although they are liquid but they contain calories and are  not healthy.
  8. Cut down on your alcohol intake:
    Have a couple of days a week without alcohol to give your liver a bit of a rest. There are lot of calories in drinks but you’re more likely to reach for the crisps when drinking alcohol.
  9. Don’t eat between meals:
    Do not eat lots of small meals between the meals since that’s a popular diet myth.
  10. Breakfast like a King (and don’t skip meals):
    Breakfast like a king to prevent you from getting hungry, losing control and overeating by making you feel satisfied for longer.
  11. Cut down on caffeine:
    Excess caffeine will leave you hungry. Therefore, cut down on coffee by swapping for a cup of herbal or fruit tea and a cola for a glass of sparkling water.
  12. Spike your meals with salsa:
    Salsa is a spicy condiment that delivers plenty of flavors without the fat.
  13. Stay away from sodas:
    The soda drinkers gain a significant amount of weight. If you’re truly thirsty, reach for water or unsweetened iced tea instead of soda.
  14. Exercise:
    Daily Exercise Routine
    Exercise as it will help you keep moving to burn the extra food you eat.
  15.  Be optimistic:
    As per Health experts, low self-esteem is a big cause of over-eating. Be optimistic by trying to think positive and focusing on building your body confidence.


Now that you have gone through the best ways to lose Christmas weight, enjoy the festive season. Merry Christmas!!