Benefil Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Benefil Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Benefil ReviewsBenefil

The breast enlargement cream claims to be the best alternative to cosmetic surgery. According to the manufacturer, application of this product after bath gives the breasts a firmer and larger look. Unlike breast implants, the effects of the cream are not permanent. Here, you will get professional review of the product so that you can make an informed decision.

Who is Behind Benefil?

A look at the website gives little information about the company. The cream is sold online. This means that there is no way of knowing about how or where the product is manufactured.

Benefil Claims

  • It provides the best alternative to cosmetic surgery
  • The cream is manufactured from purely natural products
  • There are no known side effects which makes it perfect for long-term use.
  • The product assures you of firmer and fuller breasts within no time

Benefil Ingredients

There is a link in the website to a page with a list of the ingredients used by the manufacturer. The ingredients include a range of vitamins, green tea, ginseng extracts, caffeine, wild yam extracts, and vegetable glycerin. Apparently, a mixture of these ingredients nourishes the skin and strengthens underlying cells of your breasts.

How does Benefil Work?

The product is supposed to be applied after bath for best results. You need to rub the cream in a circular motion over and below the breast. This allows the product to be absorbed by the skin. Benefil works by nourishing the skin to give your bust a younger and healthier look. The cream also strengthens underlying tissues to give your breasts a larger look.

Benefil Pros

  • Natural ingredients make the cream absolutely safe for long term use.
  • The product can be bought easily online and the manufacturer has amazing offers.
  • It gives a good non-invasive alternative to cosmetic surgery
  • The effects are temporary which means you can stop using it anytime you like

Benefil Cons

  • At $45, it is rather expensive
  • There is little information about the manufacturer
  • It only works temporarily and might not be the best choice for persons looking for a permanent remedy.
  • The claims are not accompanied by clinic studies.
  • There is no information about possible side effects

Benefil Results

The manufacturer gives a 60 day money if there are no results. To some extent this is assuring because it demonstrates manufacturer’s confidence in the product.

Where to Buy Benefil?

Apparently, you can only buy this product from the manufacturer’s website. This means that unless you order it directly, you can’t enjoy its benefits. Most health and beauty products are available in online outlets which makes ordering easy.

Is Benefil a Scam?

A look at online reviews reveals that customers are generally happy with this product. Consumers like products that work fast with little or no sweat. However, from a professional perspective it would be difficult to assert whether it’s genuine or fake.

Benefil Side Effects

The cream is offered as a beauty product. This means that the possibility of a clinical research on the effects of the products is slim. Furthermore, the manufacturer has not listed the possible side effects. Therefore, there is no way of knowing the effects unless you actually use the cream.

Final Verdict

There are a range of creams and beauty products making similar claims in the market. The reason people seem to love this particular one is because it promises fast results. However, I would advise against using this product. The lack of clinical studies indicates that there could be some undesirable effects. It could be a placebo that uses psychological perception of buyers.