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Bellavei Review: Does It Really Work?

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What is Bellavei?Bellavei review

“The first impression is often the last impression” – is a believed notion in many a customer who tries to always look fresh and young. Bellavei is primarily launched to serve these kinds of sophisticated consumers by moisturizing and hydrating their skin and therefore, provide a royal touch to their complexion, which includes removal of steins, and other signs of aging.

Company behind Bellavei

Bellavei has launched this skin treatment in the market as an endeavour to launch itself in the beauty and healthcare industry. It aims to provide nourishment to the skin and prevent signs of aging.

Bellavei Claims

Bellavei claims to be a one stop shop for all skin care treatments. It claims to:-

  1. Provide nourishment and moisturize the skin
  2. Cleanse the skin and remove signs of aging
  3. Can be applied to all types of skin textures

Bellavei Ingredients

The key ingredients used in the making of the product which claims to change the complexion of the skin back to the 20s are mentioned below:-

  1. Vitamin C
  2. Shea butter
  3. Primrose Oil
  4. Arbutin
  5. Grapefruit Seed extract

These ingredients restore the cells of the skin and in the process enhance the production of collagen which is crucial for the radiance of the skin.

How Does Bellavei Work?

As per the research performed by Bellavei, collagen and elastin are two of the key compounds which determine the shine and radiance of the skin. And it is due to the loss of these compounds that the skin looks dull and signs of aging props up. The lotion when applied on the skin, aims to enhance the production of collagen while restoring the skin cells.

Bellavei Pros

The product, through effective advertisements claims to have the certain advantages:-

  1. Helps cleanse and rejuvenate the skin cells
  2. Remove wrinkles, stains and all other signs of aging
  3. Ingredients used in the making of the product are potent
  4. Makes sure that the skin is moisturized and hydrated all the time

Bellavei Cons

A major con of the product is that it is not being able to deliver the same, as it advertises for itself. A few of the major cons include:-

  1. Lack of transparency in information
  2. Ingredients not exhaustive and no information on the concentration of the products used
  3. No customer reviews to support the claims

Where to Buy Bellavei?

Interested customers can place their orders of obtaining the product in their official web site and also on other online retailers. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has not provided any free trials for its customers to test out the product before making a purchase decision.

Is Bellavei a Scam?

Lack of transparency of information is one of the visible signs of a product being a scam and this is where Bellavei loses out. There is incomplete information on the ingredients, the proportion of the ingredients used as well as customer reviews of the product. This makes customers ponder over the fact that this product may be a scam.

Bellavei Side effects

Although the product focuses on hydrating the skin, there may be certain side effects owing to the using of leaf extracts. Customers may face allergies, redness or rashes in their skin on the usage of this product. Moreover, Bellavei proposes customers in their 20s to use this product to prevent any aging, but experts are strongly against the proposal.

Final Verdict

Bellavei, through its efficient and aggressive marketing and advertisement, has been able to launch itself in the market but there are certain loopholes which customers need to be cautious about. There is no information on customer reviews or on the proportion of the ingredients being used in the making of the product, which makes it a risky proposition. Also, no option for a free trial makes it difficult for customers to make a purchase decision.

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