Baetea Review: Ingredients, Side Effects, Is it a Scam?

Baetea Review: Ingredients, Side Effects, Is it a Scam?

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In the sea of many products designed for people to lose weight, there has been a surge on the market recently of different kinds of tea with this “effect”. It is difficult to discern which one of them is really helpful and which one is a sham. One of these products available is Baetea tea.

Company Behind Baetea

What is the story behind it? Let’s check it out. First of all, it is important to know who makes this product. As the official site of the company says:”Baetea is a health and lifestyle company with a desire to promote an active, healthy and balanced lifestyle”. It sells various kinds of tea including “Baetea Sleep Tea”, “Baetea Immunity Tea” and “Baetea Weight Loss Tea” which is the topic of this review.

Baetea Weight Loss Tea Claims

So, what do people from Baetea claim? There are several claims in regard to this brand of tea, some of them being:

  • It boosts metabolism and helps in the process of fat burning.
  • It relaxes and cleanses the body of a consumer.
  • It provides a user with energy and elevates mood.
  • It helps in the process of digestion.
  • It contains a great deal of nutrients.

After reading all of these claims, one could easily ask himself: “What ingredients are put into the tea in order to perform all these functions?”. According to the official site, Baetea tea represents a mix of ingredients such as ginger root, stevia leaf, senna leaf, oolong wu yi leaf and others.
Alright, so there is some exotic blend in this product, but what is the story?

How Does Baetea Work?

Well, it is important to say that use of this tea comprehends physical activity. It is advised that one cup is to be drunk every morning before the morning exercise. When dosage is considered, it is important to add two grams or one tea spoon when tea is prepared.

Baetea Benefits

There are some good sides if one is to use Baetea tea. Some of them include:

  • It can be consumed cold. Some customers even claimed that the taste was better when they drank Baetea tea cold
  • It does not interfere with diet. Consumers can eat what they usually prefer, although healthy diet is advised.
  • No additional sweeteners are necessary. Consumers with diabetes found this interesting in particular.

Baetea Cons

However, there are some gray zones that appear with the use of Baetea tea, some of them being:

  • It is unclear whether this product is safe for pregnant women to use. Consultations with a doctor are required.
  • Baetea tea cannot be shipped internationally.
  • There is no warranty for Baetea tea, and there is no possibility for a refund.
  • Some would consider price to be too high.

Where to buy Baetea Weight Loss Tea?

There are two types of this tea available- 14 day teatox and 28 day teatox. Company guarantees success provided that a consumer eats healthy and exercises on a regular basis.

Baetea tea is available on Amazon and it costs $25.00 and comes with free shipping with Amazon Prime. Packages arrive approximately 2-5 business days after they are shipped, while some orders take 5-10 business day to arrive.

Is Baetea a scam?

It is difficult to say whether this product indeed helps, but if there are valid proofs, they have to come from the customers. And the customers seem satisfied- 60% of buyers on Amazon gave a five-star review to this product, and 18% of customers decided to grade it with a four-star review. On the other hand, only 8 percent of customers snubbed it with only one star.

Baetea Side Effects

This product includes a mix of many ingredients, and it seems logical to ask if it causes side effects. There have been disputes about the use of senna leaves, which are connected with a laxative effect. However, Baetea claims that the tea does not produce this effect, because only 1% of senna leaves are used, instead of an extract, which helps much to remove the effect. Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended that directions are read before use.

Final Verdict

In the end, what is there to say about Baetea tea? It sure does attract a lot of positive reviews, especially in terms of flavor, aesthetic appeal and overall effect. Majority of buyers are extremely happy with Baetea, but more or less all of them stress the importance of healthy diet and regular workout in order for product to work properly. After all, nothing comes by itself, and lot of effort has to be invested in order to gain success in weight loss as in anything else in life.

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