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ASox9 Review: Does it Really Work? Side Effects

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ASox9 Reviewasox9-review

For several decades scores of male supplements have been introduced into and taken off the market. Some of them have been thought to be effective while others have not. However, those that people think are effective have been found to have severe side effects, thus gaining unpopularity.

ASOX9, an all-natural formula dietary supplement is claiming to be an effective supplement without the side effects. The question is; is there any scientific prove to back this claim? Read on to get more insightful information about the product.

ASox9 Manufacturers

The product was made by scientist Christopher Gordon, who claimed his sexual performance was once pathetic. Gordon used this supplement using the same ingredients used by other similar products but which he claims is unique.

Though the company whose name is ASox9 is not a reputable one, the manufacturers dares you to try their product.

ASox9 Claims

The company’s claims about ASox9

They promise that ASox9 will:

  • increase the size of your “Mr. Joseph”,
  • increase your penis’ stiffness
  • improve your sexual performance and endurance
  • provide you with longer and harder erections, and
  • Improve the overall flow of blood in the lower parts of your body.

Ingredients of ASox9

Having taken my time to research on ASox9 formula, I compiled the following brief but complete list of ingredients used to manufacture it;

  • Tongkat Ali extract – the plant is said to boost sperm quality. However, most scientists are against the claims. They say that the plant has active substances, which vary with soil content, humidity and microenvironment among other environmental factors of the plant.
  • Maca Extract – as the manufacturer claim, this enhances your sexual performance by increasing your libido, energy and endurance. Some research shows that it increases sperm count and blood flow to your penis
  • L-Arginine – unlike the other ingredients, L-Arginine is said to be a direct precursor that helps to increase blood flow to the penis.
  • Ginseng Combination – is said to stimulate testosterone production which in turn boosts libido in addition to fighting premature ejaculation by improving sexual and reproductive balances.
  • Zinc in form of Zinc Oxide – also boosts testosterone level thereby increasing sperm count.

ASox9 Pros

  • It works effectively as per different users’ claims
  • Its 100% natural
  • Most feedbacks from customers seem positive
  • There is a 90-day money-back guarantee
  • The product has its own official website

ASox9 Cons

  • The supplement’s official website is not informative enough to the readers
  • The main part of the website’s story is Christopher Gordon centered.
  • Though most reviews by users are positive, there is no guarantee that they are true
  • The anticipated effects of ASox9 are not immediate. You have to wait for up to one week or more.
  • It’s a little bit expensive

Where to buy ASox9?

If you want to buy ASox9 you must visit its official website where one bottle goes for $39 and the supply is for one month with a 90 day money-back guarantee. There is no clear instructions on the number of bottles you m

ASox9 Side effects

As far as am concerned, ASox9 is not natural and there is no exact dosage information for users. This leaves many people to use it ineffectively.

L-arginine can cause dehydration, kidney and liver problems. It can also cause stomach cramps and potassium imbalances, nausea and digestive complications.

The product also cause insomnia. High dosage may increase blood temperature and therefore not suitable or people with blood pressure.

It’s not advisable to drive under the influence of ASox9 because the excitement you get from taking it is dangerous.

Is ASox9 a scam?

ASox9 is not a scam though it’s likely to compromise your health because of the its side effects. Its even more expensive compared to other similar products. Its official website seem to have a lot of lies concerning the products natural nature. I don’t see anything special about ASox9 supplement. In the modern world, we can’t recommend the product to anyone until it is scientifically proven.

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