Androdrol Review: Does it Work? Side Effects, Scam, Results

Androdrol Review: Does it Work? Side Effects, Scam, Results

Androdrol ReviewsAndrodrol

Androbol, a muscle bulking sensation among body builders was banned in 2009, thanks to the DEA banning one of its key ingredients. Therefore Powerlab Nutrition launched the same product with the name of Androdrol in 2010 replacing that ingredient with a muscle hardening chemical.

Androdrol is an over the top muscle pumper that is too hard core and works too unsteadily.

Company behind Androdrol

Powerlab Nutrition targets the community of body builders and hard core athletes luring them into believing that their product is the ultimate steroid. The company is shifty and keeps launching its banned products with minor changes but worse side effects.

Androdrol Claims

The Product Androdrol makes the following claims:-

  • Androdrol will apparently bulk up the body in no time using high power steroid action.
  • It will not let fat get accumulated in the body. It will break down the cellulite into lean muscles.
  • It will provide energy spurt for better workout.
  • It will help in rapid weight gain.

Androdrol Ingredients

The ingredients in the product are chemicals which all translate into superdrol, epistane, halovar, 6-bromoandrostenedione, Bioperine which is an extract of Piper nigrum or black pepper, Vanadyl Sulfate. The product also contains ethyl groups that make it toxic to some extent. Most of these ingredients have detrimental effects on the liver and none of them have any clinical results proving they work.

How does Androdrol Work?

The pills are supposed to be taken twice a day preferably prior to work out sessions and they work on the principle that all muscle builders work on. It increases the energy in the body thereby giving you the extra push needed during workouts. The steroid content helps your body bulk up and retains the cellulites for the muscles instead of letting it get spent via workouts.

Androdrol Pros

There is no shortcut to success; however there are some evident results that can be derived from the product.

  • The product is certain to give the body a boost of energy if consumed in measured proportions
  • Androdrol does contain steroid so it will in fact help the body to retain its cellulites and bulk up in a short span of time.

Androdrol Cons

As much as I hate to say this, there are no wonder pills that can substitute hard work and real effort. If you want the body you desire, break into a sweat in the gym, however if you are looking for shortcuts be sure to keep these cons in mind.

  • The pills if not taken in proportion they will certainly cause liver damage.
  • The steroid content once taken cannot be stopped suddenly. Sudden break in dosage can cause bladder issues and other health issues that will take a toll on your health.
  • The progesterone inhibiters agents affect the libido detrimentally.
  • The product has no clinical testings to ascertain its success.

Androdrol Results

The results of this product are obvious given the ingredients. Weight gain and increased energy are assured benefits but muscle hardening or proportionate body muscle gain is a farcical claim.

Where to buy Androdrol?

Androdrol can be bought online via the website or through multiple channels that powerlab nutrition supplies to. Other than third party websites targeted at marketing body building drugs, you can also get this product in drugstores that sell Powerlab Nutrition products. The parent website of the company also supplies the product to certain countries. Fortunately it still does not provide global services.

Is Androdrol a Scam?

Any wonder pill that claims to substitute hard work, effort and years of discipline is a pure scam. Some drugs may induce effects they claim but the cost of these minor changes is huge. Most of the drugs work entirely on placebo effect, that is, the will to see a change in your body makes you see a transformation. However the collateral damage is not worth the risk.

Androdrol Side effects

There are multiple side effects if you decide to consume Andodrol. The most relevant and obvious side effect is steroid addiction. Steroids cannot be taken without proper prescribed quantities and they can affect your liver, bladder and the entire body. Decreased libido, hair loss and jitteriness and nausea are other noteworthy side effects.

Final Verdict

The conclusion is quite obvious. If you want to gain the desired shape, pull your weight in the gym. Workout, eat healthy and eat smart. Do not go for these untested pills that can potentially ruin all your efforts and send you to the hospital in the long run. For immediate physical transformation it is imprudent to cause terminal internal damage. Respect your body and earn your credits. Do not depend of fake medicines to do the job for you. [anadrol]