Alpha Primal XL Review: Does it Work? Side Effects, Scam

Alpha Primal XL Review: Does it Work? Side Effects, Scam
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Alpha Primal XL ReviewAlpha Primal XL

The sedentary life many men are living these days has brought them so many problems among them sexual performance problems.

No man can imagine a life without sexual pleasure. There are many male enhancement products on the market today though, and they are slowly becoming a necessity.

Among them is the famous Alpha primal XL.

The Manufacturer

Alpha Male XL is a product of Alpha male Distribution that is located in Florida. The company has been producing male enhancement products that are quite popular among many men.

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  • To boost the level of testosterone in the male body
  • To promote lean muscle growth
  • To support healthy blood flow
  • To offer a long-lasting boost in energy
  • To support the general wellbeing of the male body
Alpha Primal XL vs Male Extra

Alpha Primal XL


Help in Firmer & Stronger Erections

Support Sexual Energy & Stamina

Ingredients Quality

Help in Sexual Desire & Arousal

Effectiveness In Addressing


Alpha male XL is a potent formulation of ingredients believed to promote sexual health.

These are:

  • Meca powder- for the promotion of the general health of male bodies Horny goat weed- thought to treat erectile dysfunction
  • Macuna pruriens- improves endurance, boosts energy and significantly enhances libido
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How does Alpha Primal XL work?

The ingredients listed above are formulated into one potent product. They are used in high doses to produce a product that can deliver maximum results.

This results in more production of nitric oxide in the body plus enhancement of the body’s natural testosterone production.

More testosterone brings benefits to the body relating to its physical look and performance as well as better sexual health.

Alpha Primal XL Pros

  • The product uses ingredients believed to improve the male body’s sexual system
  • It is the most affordable male enhancement product on the market today
  • It is a product from a company that has been producing male enhancement product for a long time

Alpha Primal XL Cons

  • Some of the product’s ingredients may react to certain medications for instance antidepressants
  • It is not safe for use by all males especially those that have conditions such as diabetes and heart-related issues Ingredients are used in high doses.
  • This can be harmful to the body more so in case of overdosing
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Alpha Primal XL Results

Results such as significant body changes and muscle growth can be expected a few weeks after constant use of the product.

Where to buy Alpha Primal XL?

Alpha Primal XL is available on the internet. The company has an official website for the product. You can place your order for a risk-free trial before you commit yourself fully to the product.

Is Alpha Primal XL a scam?

First of all, the official website does not provide the full list of ingredients. Again, little is known about the company that manufactures the product. There is also no connection to any studies supporting the product claims.

For these reasons, it may not be well known what is really inside the pills.

Alpha Primal XL Side effects

High doses of the product have been reported to cause irregular heartbeats and extreme sweating. Some consumers have reported panic attacks and anxiety after consuming it.

Others have talked of headaches, facial flushing, runny nose, cold sweats and chills, and nausea. Some of these side effects can be very severe.

Final Verdict

Alpha Primal XL is a male enhancement product that has been popularized so much. Little is known about all its ingredients and also about the manufacturer.

It is not backed up by any studies, and so many severe side effects have been reported by consumers. It is therefore not a product that can be recommended for usage.