Alpha Muscle Complex Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Alpha Muscle Complex Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Alpha Muscle Complex ReviewsAlpha Muscle Complex

Generally, when we said supplements the common thing that will occur to us is about normal supplements about health such as Fish Oil Supplements, Omega 3, and much more to name. Thus, supplements have varieties to choose for your intent needs –and this Alpha Muscle Complex is intended for men’s only.

Company Behind Alpha Muscle Complex

The company has no sufficient information in public though they have a website, where you can call their given number or send them an email at

The company has no specific address given for their manufacturing nor physical office, the address that you may find only is their return address at PO Box 23776, St. Petersburg FL 33742.

Alpha Muscle Complex Claims

There is no reliable basis for this product from the existing users. Thus, the Alpha Muscle Complex claims on their website that it is guaranteed sexual enhancement, give you strength and boost your immune system. It is also claimed for its natural and safe ingredients.

Alpha Muscle Complex Ingredients

  • L Arginine: Scientifically, it is an amino acid that has aids for men in many ways such as strengthen the immune system, enhance your libido for your sexual needs and helps to decrease inflammation.
  • Tongkat Ali: Tongkat Ali is a herbal medicine from a flowering herb that usually grows in jungles surrounding the south-east regions of Asia. It is believed using this herbal medicine will benefit men to increase energy level, metabolism, stimulate muscle growth, increase sexual function and libido, enhance your endurance, decrease stress and burn fats.
  • L Citrulline: L Citrulline is scientifically explained as a substance in the amino acid that actually aids men for building muscles.
  • Terrestrial Tribulus: Terrestrial Tribulus is a flowering plant that grows in the tropical regions of South East Asia, Africa, and Australia. It is scientifically believed for increase fertility for men, boost libido, and help for building muscles.
  • Saw Palmetto: Saw Palmetto is scientifically used to reduce prostate cancer. Support urological system and retains testosterone level. However, one of the dangerous use of this ingredient is Impotence for men.

How Does Alpha Muscle Complex Work?

Alpha Muscles Complex ingredients are all natural and scientifically explained for its various benefits you will gain when using this product.

To see the result of this product it must be consumed at least 90 days according to this product website. Moreover, the result of this product will not be seen immediately -although it is claimed that every month you will see the result of using Alpha Muscle Complex.

Alpha Muscle Complex Pros

  • Help to support testosterone level: With the natural ingredients that included for this product that mostly intent for men’s benefits that support their sexual functions.
  • Help build body Muscles: Aside from the sexual function support that the ingredients of this product has, it benefits also for building muscles, strength, stamina and boosts energy levels.

Alpha Muscle Complex Cons

  • Risk for Impotence: The risk for using this supplements without prescriptions or endorsed by doctors are the risk for impotence for men due to its one ingredients that are scientifically and clinically test for impotence.
  • Unverified users result: There is no source of claims about the result using this supplement is true.
  • Not Registered Daily Supplement: The Alpha Muscle Complex Supplement is not registered and evaluated by the FDA for its safety to use.
  • Fake: Alpha Muscle Complex Supplement has no transparency from its pharmaceutical manufacturer, the company information is hidden. Adding from that, this product is also not approved by FDA for its safety.

Where to buy Alpha Muscle Complex?

Alpha Muscle Complex is offering a free trial to those who are doubting them. However, if you are planning to try and use this supplement.You can place your order to their website, just fill their order form and they will ship it to you in a few days.

Is Alpha Muscle Complex a Scam?

Alpha Muscle Complex there’s a probability that this product is a scam. You should know that free trial supposed to be not asked your credit card number to place your free trial order. Aside from that, you must also know that Authentic, Real, Safe supplement product will provide their company information and manufacturer registration.

Alpha Muscle Complex Side Effects

There is no specific side effect written from their website and also there is no source from users of this supplement about the side effects while they are using it. Though, if you will review the ingredients of this supplement the only side effect is the risk of impotence.

Final Verdict

After all the review has been made about this product, it is for you to decide whether to trust or not this product supplements. Alpha Muscle Complex looks eye catchy because of the benefits the product supplements offer not only to help you build muscles, boost your energy level but also help and support your sexual function that most men desired to boost their confidence.