Adipessum Review: Ingredients, Claims, Side Effects

Adipessum Review: Ingredients, Claims, Side Effects

What is Adipessum?Adipessum review

Adipessum is a natural Chinese made slimming capsule. The self-acclaimed Chinese Miracle pills come in a small box of thirty capsules made from various ingredients including Kola Nut, Alfalfa, Lotus Leaf and Atracylodes. The packaging is labeled in both Mandarin and English.

Company behind Adipessum

The company behind the production of Adipessum remains a mystery. The packaging does not identify the manufacturing company. The only thing that is clear is that the wonder drug is from China.

Adipessum Claims

Adipessum claims to help users attain their dream frame through safe, natural and tested ingredients. These ingredients are claimed to help the users to;

  • Have lower appetite for food.
  • Boost their metabolic rate.
  • Maintain high levels of energy.
  • Burn excess fat from the body.

Adipessum Ingredients

There are various natural ingredients in Adipessum including;

  • Artichoke which is packed with antioxidants and B vitamins.
  • Lotus leaf which acts by blocking the absorption of fat into the body.
  • Alfalfa is known to diminish cholesterol levels as well as treat kidney and prostate disorders.
  • Kola nut helps in maintaining optimum levels of energy in the body.
  • Astragals root extracts contain antioxidants that are effective in combating free radical and promote general well-being.
  • Atracylodes rhizome has been used over centuries in china as a remedy for abdominal upsets, bloating, diarrhea and bloating.
  • Oriental water plantain is a good treatment for urinary tract and bladder disorders.

How does Adipessum Work?

Adipessum works by suppressing appetite and flushing toxins out of the body to help users achieve desired weight. The capsules have ingredients like lotus plant extracts that are believed by the Chinese to reduce absorption of fat into the body. By increasing metabolism, Adipessum is a fat scorcher that boosts energy levels in the body. Take one pill per day, plenty of water and fiber for effective results.

Adipessum Pros

The main advantages of Adipessum include;

  • It is readily available online.
  • Uses natural ingredients.
  • Minimal side effects.
  • It is cheap.
  • Boosts overall state of well-being.
  • It is good for dieting since it suppresses appetite.

Adipessum Cons

  • Adipessum’s manufacturer is not known.
  • The drug doesn’t have an official website.
  • Since Adipessum is a laxative, it will leave you a little uncomfortable with increased bowel movement.

Adipessum Results

The miracle capsule promises to shred your body in 30 days. It is however still speculative whether this is the case or not. What is suggested is that users should take foods rich in fiber to get desired results. It is also advisable to take plenty of water.

Where to buy Adipessum?

You can buy Adipessum on various online drug stores. The miracle capsule comes at a reasonable price and will be shipped right to your door step. Its availability in physical drug stores is however limited.

Is Adipessum a Scam?

It is understandable that many would think of Adipessum as a scam, mostly because the manufacturer is unknown and there is not official website associated with it. However, I would put my money on the capsules because they have been approved by the FDA as fit for use.

Adipessum Side effects

Being a laxative, many users will report increased bowel movements. The capsules are strong enough to make you feel elated and supercharged. Any unusual reactions to the drug should be reported to a doctor immediately.

Final Vedict

Adipessum might be an effective weight loss supplement if online reviews are anything to go by. However, many people develop cold feet because it is a bit shady for a drug to lack information on the manufacturer, let alone an official website.

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