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This drug is produced by a company based in Germany called Chemische Fabrik Berg and was founded in 1953. Actually the current company that produces this drug is a subsidiary derived from Wilhelm Berg KG that was owned by a German family whose foundations Come from the industrial area. It is a company that demonstrates transparency and has been responsible for the creation of other medical wellness products and medicines as you can see on its official website.

Chemical research and development of products such as ammonium chloride, worldwide recognized as a disinfectant product, are also attributed to them.

They have as a particularity that although it is possible to contact them, because they unfold contact data without any problem, at the same time they are not recognized by their media presence or in networks despite the importance this represents today.

Acxion Claims

1. Suppress appetite

2. It works by stimulating the hypothalamus in conjunction with neurotransmitters system.

3. Intensifies the metabolic rhythm of the user

4. It makes the user feel more energy making him a more active person

Acxion Ingredients

This medicine is synthetic, which means that it is composed of chemical elements, the pills are composed predominantly of phentermine hydrochloride which is considered an appetite suppressant drug. It should be noted that there is a relationship between this chemical compound and amphetamines for which the treatment cannot be of prolonged use.

How does Acxion Work?

When taking this, what is actually happening is a chemical stimulation to the hypothalamus which in turn is responsible for suppressing the appetite of the person who is consuming it, while generating a feeling of “recharge” or “re-vitalization” that make the user (while under the effects of this drug) feel a more active person, which would lead to more physical activities. It is also important to clarify that the pill alone will not work and that it should be considered as part of a group of actions to be carried out so the results will not be seen if the diet is not monitored and you are Subject to a regime of physical exercise.

Acxion Pros


Among the biggest advantages that we get from consuming this product are those related to the feelings of suppression that you get to experience, in reality what is happening is that the feeling of hunger or the desire to eat are greatly reduced what equip To the user of this product with greater possibilities of consuming many less calories than those that would usually be consumed without the effects of this drug. Thus it can be predicted that the scenario becomes a scenario in favor of the person who is trying to lose weight and who does not have much control over their eating habits.


  • Reasonably accessible price
  • It adapts to short regimens of weight loss

Acxion Cons


The disadvantages can be found in equal measure to the advantages, considering also that the studies that support the results in a significant number of people studied and the scientific supports do not abound. In fact it is a very specific group of people / situations, who may be able to benefit from this medicine. Do not forget to consider that it is a synthetic drug (which usually show more negative side effects than drugs with more natural compounds). It is definitely a broad possibility that with this drug is the same and that we are faced with negative effects when using it .


  • You need a prescription
  • Insomnia
  • Palpitations

Acxion Results

It is certainly difficult to find results that are expressed quantitatively, for example in terms of pounds per month or kilos per month, which if it is clear is that the pill alone produces no results beyond the natural suppression of appetite that its components cause And it is clear when we read about the product, that it is an element that must be joined to others such as diet, exercise and medical examinations.

Where to Buy Acxion?

This medication can only be obtained with medical prescription through authorized dealers both in person and through the market of purchase online. Usually the initial distribution is in the hands of the manufacturer but nowadays the permits for the commercialization of this product are common.

Is Acxion a Scam?

What is actually happening within the health care industry and the drugs for diets is that the products that are most successful in the market are those with the largest amount of medical and scientific support that are considered serious. When a product comes to market with a specific niche to address, claiming that it will work almost miracles and then is not able to demonstrate in a quantifiable way the results that acclaim that can be obtained, begins to be considered as a scam. In this sense what is found are very few or no support to the effectiveness of this product.

Acxion Side Effects

The list of side effects that we can identify from the use of this product is not short, in addition the range of possibilities is broad and we can consider: nervousness, anxiety, palpitations, dryness, insomnia, headaches, arrhythmias, inflammation of the extremities, sensation Panic, shortness of breath, hallucinations among others.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, this product cannot be interpreted as one of the best options with which they are counted, there are many more natural components in the market, with many less side effects, with more proven results and therefore with less risks to the Health.

Certainly the stimulus caused at the level of sensations in the body of the person who is trying to lose weight is interesting but is not sufficiently supported by this product.

It should also be noted that it is not suitable for people who wish to undergo reduced weight reductions as those are pursued to simply tone our bodies or reduce only a couple of pounds so that this group of people the advantages represented will still be Lower.

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