9 Supplements Widely Used in Gyms (and its Dangers)

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Supplements Widely Used in GymsThe use of supplements should only be done with the recommendation of a nutritionist.

Here are the use of gyms supplements and the problems that can bring if misused:

1. Whey Protein

Whey protein isolate is a low absorption removal of the whey. It is the supplement more scientific support for effectiveness.

The same whey substances can be found in meat, eggs and dairy products.

It serves to increase lean mass. But in excess, it can cause toxicity to the body, overloading the kidneys and liver.

2. Maltodextrin/Dextrose

It is a rapid absorption of carbohydrate. “It’s like a bread, but the body absorbs it faster to be in liquid form,” compares Fernando.

It is used to increase the energy for the workout. However, if the dosage is not correct, the person can develop an intolerance to glucose, in addition to a weight gain (you can just give that little belly that you are trying to annihilate in the gym).

3. Glutamine Glutamine

It is an essential amino acid present in very muscles and into the bloodstream.

It also has immunological action. Its function as a food supplement is to assist in the recovery of muscles after physical activity, favoring a faster tissue repair.

If taken without guidance from a dietitian, can cause kidney overload, decrease the production of urine, cause headaches and constipation.

4. Omega 3

Very present in fish like salmon, sardines and tuna, in flaxseed, in nuts and vegetable oils, the omega 3 is an essential fatty acid.

It is antioxidant, modulates inflammatory processes and is responsible for transporting vitamins for muscles. In excess, however, can cause bleeding and attack the immune system.

5. L-Arginine

This is a non – essential amino acid found in canes, milk, garlic, eggs and grains.

L-Arginine increases vasodilation, also increasing the amount of nutrients taken to the muscle being exercised.

Although there is no scientific evidence, it could be related to increased muscle mass.

The main problem with it, however, is that the overdose could cause the opposite effect of vasoconstriction – which may lead to increased blood pressure.

6. Creatine

Famous among people frequenting gyms, creatine is synthesized nutrient from three amino acids: arginine, glycine and methionine.

Its function is to increase muscle mass as it provides more energy (ATP) for use in the exercise.

But when there is a very large increase in the amount of consumption, the kidneys may become overloaded. Furthermore, one can start having cramps more often.

7. Thermogenic

In the natural world, they are foods that speed up metabolism, such as peppers, ginger and cinnamon.

In Brazil, there are thermogenic made based on these ingredients and have their sales released.

As for the products made from ephedrine – a substance with effects similar to amphetamines – are banned by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa).

Among the main problems caused by them are the effects on the central nervous system and may lead to dependence, tachycardia and heart problems.

Even thermogenic made based on natural ingredients should not be taken without indication of a nutritionist, since many people are sensitive to these foods and may have unwanted reactions.


It is a compound formed by amino acids valine, leucine and isoleucine. Without it, the body does not produce a protein.

Thus, it would be used to assist in the formation of muscle mass. The problem is that these supplements are expensive and have proven effective.

Moreover, their consumption could be redundant because BCAA is already present in meat, milk, eggs and even in their own whey protein.

9. Electrolyte Electrolyte

It is minerals are used in hydration. But because they are high in sodium they should only be used for the practice of intense physical activities.

For electrolyte consumption is necessary, the training needs to last more than an hour and a half, or time must be very hot.

An excess sodium present in the electrolyte may lead to increased blood pressure.

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