5 Ways to Combat 2016 Christmas Weight Gain

5 Ways to Combat 2016 Christmas Weight Gain

Christmas Weight GainHolidays are here! In order to prevent the unwanted weight gain this Christmas you should adopt some of the preventive measures. Many of us experience this weight gain during the winter season, but packing few pounds this December is possible. With Thanksgiving, getting over that we are slowly getting into the mood of Christmas and shopping, baking and parties are going to round off. Along with the stress comes a lot of emotional eating or eating out convenience. Since most of us do not get time in this rush hour to spend twenty minutes to prepare a healthy meal.

However, thought it is the time to celebrate and the frequency at which you allow yourself these indulgences needs a quick tackle. So pass on the eggnog and let us know some of the healthy tips to avoid weight gain in the Christmas-

Time Your Workout Sessions

If you know that you are going to have a heavy meal with high carbs, try having a hard workout prior to the meal. You must also try out high rep ranges with your lifts, so that you lose more of your muscle glycogen stores. When you consume this carb-rich and high calorie diet, rather than getting stored as body fats the carbs will help to replenish your glycogen levels and help you get better workout results.

Pick and Eat Protein

Protein helps to maintain a healthy weight because high protein diets are associated with greater satiety and healthy muscle growth. So, if you are planning to go for a big and sumptuous meal with your family and friends, have small protein snack beforehand. Good options include can of tuna, scrambled egg whites, veggies, a small chicken breast or half cup of cottage cheese. And at the meals, you can consume turkey, roasted chicken, or quinoa, lentils, or beans. Protein is a macronutrient that satisfies hunger signals, so it will work to keep the amount you eat at the party under control.

Check on the Drinks

The food at the holiday parties are sometime quite bad, but at times drinks are also. Eggnog the most popular Christmas beverage carries 343 calories per 8 fluid ounces with 19 grams of fat and 34.4 grams of sugar. It is not at all healthy. But Eggnog is not the only drink many fancy cocktails also carries more than 200 calories, so have a check on them.

Prepare Your Own Dish

If you are going to a party hosted by close friend or family, offer them to prepare your own dish and bring it to the party. Not only is it going to add you in their good books as you are helping them with part of cooking but will also help you have a peace of mind, that you are eating something healthy.

Give Cave to Your Cravings

This is a good suggestion that is smart to acknowledge. It is better to have something that you crave for, instead of pushing them off completely. If you can moderate your food habits, then snacking on something you crave for can be manageable. Forbidding a specific food or food group during the holidays makes everything grow more attractive. Moreover, do a little cardio the next day along with no cut on protein diet to burn the extra fats, which you gained the other night.

This Christmas do not get frantic as you cannot follow your usual diet, rather get a smarter to acknowledge the same diet plan, devoting more time to workouts and right food.